How I Pushed Past my Fitness Plateau

Arielle Berneman

Ever wonder why you hit a fitness plateau? Are you not seeing continuous change in your body? You’re getting unmotivated, or might I add, even bored? Well, let me share a bit about my own experience and maybe it’ll feel a little familiar.

When I initially started working out, I would do 3-4 days of barre exercises. Which if you don’t know much about barre, it’s a light strength-training exercise that concentrates on lean muscle. It doesn’t involve much cardio. Like I mean, I never left sweating. Which, if I have to be honest, sometimes it’s nice to not sweat and you can just go about your day. But when you’re doing 3-4 days of light strength-training, like anything else, your muscles will get used to it. To be honest, I’m actually quite surprised I stuck with it for so long, a full year might I add. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all about barre and increasing some lean muscle, but when I started incorporating more workouts, I noticed I was slowly getting into the best shape of my life.

I began introducing new workouts into the mix. I’m talking, spin, yoga, boxing, pilates, HIIT workouts, you name it. Each workout had its own benefits. I had my types of exercises that were focused more on cardio, certain workouts that focused more on form and strength even workouts that helped with stress level. Ever try boxing? I highly recommend it. You’ll leave stress-free with sore arms, I promise. Sometimes, I also needed a class that pushed me so hard I literally felt like I couldn’t push myself any further. Bottom line, each type of exercise targeted different muscles, which is extremely important when you’re trying to tone your entire body. Ever take a class and not leave sore? It very well could be your body is so used to that workout it’s not targeting any new muscles.

I started seeing my body transform once I incorporated several different types of workouts into my daily and weekly routine. I started planning out my weeks with a different workout every day. I would separate my strength training workouts from my cardio-focused workouts. I found the mix of the two a complete game changer. Besides the huge difference I saw in my body, I also never got bored of a workout. It kept me in check and kept me crawling back for more. It’s important to spice up your workout, so you actually want to work out again. You know?

Like anything else, what works for me, may not work for you. I found working out to be all trial and error. Find what works for your body. Whether it’s concentrating on strength-training exercises and no cardio or vice versa or even a mix of both, it’s important to introduce your body to new workouts because you never know which workouts will give you the best results. I saw amazing results when I was giving new workouts a try. Introducing your muscles to new workouts is extremely crucial. Ever witness parts of your body shake when you do certain exercises? That’s your body telling you new muscles are forming. Go into every class with an open mind and when you feel those muscles shaking, remember it’s your body telling you that whatever you are doing at that moment is working!

About the Author:

Arielle Berneman

Based in San Diego, Arielle Berneman founded @sweatinsd, an Instagram account based on all on things fitness and wellness. Her mission is to continuously influence the fitness community and encourage all types of movement. She does so by hosting monthly events with fitness studios all around San Diego. Arielle doesn’t believe in picking favorites with her workouts. She believes combining a few different workouts is the best way to hit all your goals- Mind, body, and soul.