4 Combination Boxing Drills With Mike Tyson [Viral Video]

When Mike Tyson announced he would be coming out of retirement to take on Roy Jones, Jr. in an exhibition match, many were skeptical. However, Mike Tyson released a video recently featuring boxing combos and pad training that put the skepticism to rest (link to video).

As part of his comeback, Mike Tyson showed a number of powerful boxing combinations that can be useful to anyone training or learning to box. The best part? There’s no equipment needed to learn these combos, you can start practicing the movements shadowboxing. Once you have the movements down, you can work your way on to a heavy bag and then with boxing mitts.

Here, we’ve broken them down so you can perform the combos and emulate Mike Tyson training at 53.

The Educated Left Hand - Jab, Hook, Body, Hook

Mike Tyson The Educated Left Hand Punch Combo

To start practicing this technique, get into your fighting stance and bring your hands up to a guard. This entire drill will be done with your left arm, so keep your left leg forward.

  • Start with a clean jab at head height
  • Follow up with a quick left hook to the same target
  • Slip slightly to the left and throw a body shot to where your opponent’s rib cage would be
  • Finish the movement with a hook at head height

Steps 1 and 2 are meant to set up the slip to a body shot. As you strike, keep the first jab and hook quick to distract your opponent. Throw most of your power into the left body shot and final hook.

The Viral Combo - Jab, Power, Hook, Body, Body, Roll, Power

Mike Tyson The Viral Punch Combo

This is the combination that had everyone on the Internet watching Tyson training. Get back into your fighting stance and prepare for a combination that is equally fast and devastating:

  • Throw a jab with your lead hand, keeping your other hand up in your guard
  • Quickly follow your jab with a backhand power punch, making sure to pivot your back leg for added power
  • Follow those two strikes up with a quick left hook at head height
  • Drop into your left leg and slip to the left
  • Throw two power body shots, one after the other to where your opponent’s rib cage would be
  • Perform a roll to the right by shifting your weight down and into your right leg, making a “U” in the air
  • Rise and throw a power punch with your backhand to finish the combination

Start slow with this drill as it may take some time to remember the movements. Try to start with a simple jab, power, hook, then add the slip on at the end. Once you have that down, practice the two body shots, followed by the roll and power strike.

Once you feel comfortable, piece the two boxing combinations together, and focus on increasing your speed and power (Best Punching Techniques).

Skip Around - Jab, Power, Roll, Power, Hook, Power, Skip, Body, Uppercut

Mike Tyson Punch Combo 3

After the previous two exercises, you should be warmed up, so it’s time to take it up a notch and incorporate some movement:

  • Throw a quick jab with your lead hand, followed by a power punch with your back hand
  • Quickly roll just low enough to avoid a strike aimed at your head
  • Follow up with a power punch, quick hook, and a second power punch
  • Explode to the left in a quick skip and throw a right body strike
  • Finish the movement with an explosive uppercut, and use power from your legs to lift you up in your fighting stance

As with the previous exercise, take this slow and learn the individual steps before trying to piece it all together into the final combination. This is a tiring combo, but no one said following a Mike Tyson training exercise would be easy!

Putting It Together - Jab, Power, Roll, Power, Hook, Skip, Body, Uppercut

Mike Tyson Punch Combo 4

This is the culmination of the Mike Tyson comeback training video, so be sure to give this exercise everything you have. Unlike the previous exercises, you’re going to start with a jab and power combo that is meant to devastate.

  • Begin with a jab and power punch, throwing extra force into these two strikes
  • After throwing your two strikes, drop into a roll
  • Rise up and throw a quick power shot with your back hand, followed by a strong hook to the head
  • Immediately skip to the right
  • Follow up with a left body shot and powerful uppercut
  • Practice slipping and rolling a few times before ending the movement

Be sure you’re engaging your leg muscles with all of these at-home boxing training exercises. Power isn’t only in your arms so get your whole body into these movements to build your punching power and get the most out of this workout (Increase Your Punching Power).

To be like Mike Tyson training in 2020, start these exercises while shadowboxing before slowly moving to a bag after refining your technique. In no time at all you’ll be boxing and training like Mike Tyson. To see more workouts and drills, visit FightCamp today.

The Author: Tommy Duquette is the Co-Founder and Head of Content at FightCamp. He is a former US Boxing Team member with 136 fights under his belt and qualified for the 2012 Olympic trials as the #2 seed. He has 18 years of experience training clients in boxing and fitness.