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Introducing the Activity Section

Coming to the FightCamp app is indubitably the most requested feature since we’ve launched almost a year ago now. Ladies and gentlemen it’s with great pride that we now unveil our latest addition to the FightCamp app: The activity section.

FightCamp Success: Working and Working Out From Home

FightCamp workouts make working out at home easy and effective. For those who are competitive, there is the extra edge that gets you going. Find out why FightCamp was a success for Jared, who is a remote worker and former competitive athlete.

Production That Packs a Punch: Griffin Conway Brings FightCamp from His Screen to Yours

From conception, filming and producing, and being added to your app – none of the FightCamp workouts would make it onto the app and into your home without the backbone of the FightCamp production team, Griffin Conway.

FightCamp App Update: V.1.8

Great news FightCamp! A new update for the FightCamp app is now available on the Apple store.

Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Your FightCamp Workouts

Whether you are a boxing newbie or a seasoned fitness fanatic, there are a few ways you can be sure to get the most out of your FightCamp workouts and use them so they are pushing you toward your goals.

Have a Problem? Claudelle Will Solve It.

Because the customer experience is paramount, we chose one of the best to lead the team. Meet Claudelle Jette, Head of Customer Experience at FightCamp.

FightCamp Trainer Spotlight: Tommy Duquette

Meet Tommy Duquette, a FightCamp trainer, and co-founder and learn about his journey into boxing and entrepreneurship.

FightCamp Trainer Spotlight: Shanie Rusth

Meet Shanie Rusth. A mother, a professional, a fighter, and a FightCamp trainer.

The FightCamp App is Even Better

Learn about the latest FightCamp app updates that will make using the app even better.

Community Spotlight: Tonyia Short

"I really feel like there is a personal and genuine touch. I can’t explain it… you just feel it. Plus, the instructional content the and Boxing-Base workouts allow me to get guidance on how to box without leaving home."

Why I Became a Trainer: The Story Behind your FightCamp Trainers

FightCamp trainers are some of the best around. They are fighters, fitness freaks, found souls, parents, and regular people doing what makes them happy. In this article, you'll learn about why they became trainers and what they love about it.

The Prospect Path: Learn How to Box and get in Great Shape

This article will guide you through the same lessons and boxing drills you would go through in your first several months at a top boxing gym. You will be taught how to properly throw all the basic punches, how to step and punch, how to slip, how to roll and how to put all these awesome moves together in a FightCamp workout.