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Welcome to the All-New FightCamp

FightCamp has a new look and feel. Our evolution is rooted in our commitment to authenticity in boxing.

FightCamp App Update: Introducing Music Stations

Whether you like Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop or EDM, these curated playlists were hand-picked to motivate you to give 110%.

FightCamp Introduces the Contender Path

Expand your boxing skills and take your physical conditioning to the next level with the Contender Path. This intermediate workout program is made for those with boxing experience or who have completed the Prospect Path.

Have a Problem? Claudelle Will Solve It.

Because the customer experience is paramount, we chose one of the best to lead the team. Meet Claudelle Jette, Head of Customer Experience at FightCamp.

FightCamp App Update: Introducing the New Home Screen

A new home screen design with workout collections and redesigned filters to make it even easier to find a workout that works for you, every time.

FightCamp App Update: The Prospect Path 2.0

Looking to follow a workout program all laid out for you, while learning or improving your boxing skills? Here's the Prospect Path 2.0.

How to Pay for a FightCamp Gym

If you love boxing or have always wanted to try it out, FightCamp gives you an opportunity to do it at your own pace. FightCamp is a lot less expensive over the long term than paying hundreds of dollars each month to belong to a boxing gym or take frequent classes.

FightCamp App Update: Introducing the Leaderboard

It's time to take the fight outside of your home. In this new version of the FightCamp app, you can now compete with other members of the FightCamp community.

FightCamp Workouts Wouldn’t Be the Same Without Our Newest Team Member, Kirsten Flores

Meet Kirsten Flores. The newest FightCamp team member responsible for ensuring our weekend workouts are amazing and managing our incredible online communities.

FightCamp App Update: Better Progress Tracking

Time to put on your gloves and go back to your favorite workout. The new version of the FightCamp app will now let you track your personal best.

FightCamp Update: Introducing the Activity Section

Coming to the FightCamp app is indubitably the most requested feature since we’ve launched almost a year ago now. Ladies and gentlemen it’s with great pride that we now unveil our latest addition to the FightCamp app: The activity section.

FightCamp Success: Working and Working Out From Home

FightCamp workouts make working out at home easy and effective. For those who are competitive, there is the extra edge that gets you going. Find out why FightCamp was a success for Jared, who is a remote worker and former competitive athlete.