5 Most Common Myths About Boxing For Women | The Truth

As someone who has trained in various martial arts for the past decade, fought at the professional level and been a fitness instructor to thousands, I tend to get asked all sorts of questions. I'm going to share with you some of the most common myths I hear about boxing. Whether you are looking to take your first boxing class, get into the ring and compete, or are just curious about boxing training, here are five (5) of the most common myths about boxing and the truth.

Myth 1: Boxing is violent and you are going to get punched in the face.

Shanie Smash Throwing a Right Hook on a Punching Bag

FALSE. Although competitive boxing can be a bloody sport, boxing for fitness is the opposite! Hitting a heavy bag is one of the best ways I can think of to get out your aggression and blow off steam while reaping all of the health benefits of an intense workout and not harming anyone. It’s like therapy that makes you fit! At FightCamp, we promote empowerment and strength, and encourage you to find the fighter within--for yourself!

Myth 2: Boxing is a man’s sport.
FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash

FALSE. No WAY! We are in the 21st century and women can do anything men can do, if not better. You can read more about why I recommend boxing training for women here. Still, think boxing is just for men? There’s no better way to see for yourself than to start training!

Myth 3: You have to be in good shape to start boxing.
Shanie Smash Doing a Boxer Sit-Up

FALSE. You certainly don’t have to be in good shape to start boxing, but training boxing will definitely get you there! Everyone has to start somewhere and no matter where you are in your fitness journey, boxing is a great way to break a sweat. Just do what you can with where you are. It gets easier and you get better with every training session. FightCamp has tons of beginner-level workouts, information, and pro tips that can be found on the FightCamp YouTube Channel, Blog, and App. Check them out!

Myth 4: Boxing is just a cardio workout.
Shanie Smash Doing Plank Punches

FALSE. Not only is boxing fantastic cardio and a calorie-burning workout, but boxing training also builds strength, power, endurance, and speed. It’s a full body, high-intensity workout--and it’s FUN!

Myth 5: Boxing will make you bulky.
Shanie Smash Staying Strong By Boxing

Absolutely FALSE! Boxing will tone your muscles, tighten your core, and burn fat. The only way to bulk up is to lift heavy weights and eat a ton. This is not easy to do and can take years to accomplish. So definitely don’t worry about bulking up by boxing. When you add boxing workouts to your training regimen, you will begin to see all of the benefits, both physical and mental!

Boxing can be a fun and effective way to get in shape, blow off steam, and learn a new skill. If you wish to connect or train with me, you can find me on Instagram @shaniesmash or join the FightCamp Community on Facebook, where you can find guidance on boxing and kickboxing training for any level.

And, hey, if you’re still skeptical, start your boxing and kickboxing training with FightCamp today and see for yourself!

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The Author: Shanie "Smash" Rusth is an undefeated professional mixed martial artist, FightCamp Trainer, and mother of two. She began training MMA in 2011 as a way to get in shape, learn a new skill, channel aggression, and feel empowered after becoming a young single mom. Outside of practicing martial arts and being a trainer, Shanie loves spending time in the gym and being active in the sunshine with her kids by going to the beach, running in the soft sand, and riding skateboards. Shanie is also USA Boxing Coach certified.