3 Body Shot Combos Every Boxer Should Learn

Why is going to the body so important when selecting your boxing combos? Because when you take the body of your opponent, you take the energy from them, and you take their willpower.

By doing that, you will have a much easier time and a higher chance of beating your opponent in the ring.

Here, FightCamp Trainer Flo Master demonstrates three (3) body shot combos every boxer should learn:
FightCamp Trainer Flo Master 3 Body Combo YouTube Video

3 Body Shot Combinations

Combo 1: Double Jab - Jab - Cross To The Body (1-1-1-2B)
FightCamp Trainer Flo Master Throwing A Jab Punch On A Punching Bag

  • Start by throwing two jabs (1-1)
    • You want to gauge your opponent’s reaction and get them to put their hands up and cover their face.
  • Throw a third jab after they react
  • Then, bend your knees a bit to bring your stance lower
  • Throw a cross to the body

As soon as you land the cross, start moving in the direction you want to escape out of your opponent's reach. A good boxer on the receiving end of that cross will always check it or counter it with a hook.

Combo 2: Jab - Cross - Lead Hook To The Body (1-2-3B)
FightCamp Trainer Flo Master Throwing A Lead Hook Punch

  • Throw a basic jab-cross (1-2) combo, turning your rear foot
  • Slip to the side of your leading hand and bring your rear hand up to guard
  • Throw a lead hook to the right side of the abdomen (aim at the liver)
    • Make sure to rotate your leading leg to generate torque and momentum

Combo 3: Jab - Jab - Rear Hook To The Body (1-1-4B)
Flo Master Throwing a Rear Hook to the Body

    • Start off with 2 jabs (1-1)

      • This is not the standard double-jab; the 2 jabs are thrown with full retraction of the leading hand back to guard in between
    • Throw a rear hook to the body (aiming at the liver or ribs of your opponent if you are in orthodox stance)

    What Do These Body Shot Boxing Combos Have In Common?
    FightCamp Trainer Flo Master Throwing a Jab On a Punching Bag

    All three of these body shot boxing combos use the jab. The jab is the most important weapon in boxing because:

    • It controls the distance between you and your opponent
    • It sets you up for other punches

    When you throw multiple jabs in a row at your opponent, they begin to cover up, limiting their vision and opening themselves up for...body shots!

    Boxers often get fixated on “head-hunting” in the ring--meaning they only target their opponent’s head. Attacking the body will slow your opponent down, drain their stamina, and demotivate them. When your opponent gets slow and immobile, it makes it easier to find opportunities to throw headshots and the ultimate knockout.

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    The Author: Jerry Randolph (aka Flo Master) grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Being bullied as a kid, he looked for ways to break away from that narrative and found his way to dancing. He didn’t become just any kind of dancer; he became a BBoy. He became Flo Master. Flo quickly rose to fame as a dancer, performing with superstars like Usher, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, and Will Smith. Despite this success, he felt that something was missing from his life. He knew that he wasn’t able to defend himself. Flo turned to martial arts and boxing and knew that it was the missing piece to the puzzle. Training with Jeremy Horn, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and Erik Paulson gave Flo the real confidence that he needed as a boy in Maryland. He took his passion for dance and his love for martial arts and began working in the group fitness industry. His guiding force is to give people what he wished someone had given him when he was coming up; encouragement and empowerment. Flo Master is a Founding FightCamp Coach, eternal entertainer, and father to his two kids, who just happen to be excellent dancers and martial artists. Flo Master is also USA Boxing Coach certified.