FightCamp App Update: Introducing Achievements & A New Profile

In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to stay active and positive. To help you do that, we’re releasing something new that we hope makes your workouts a little more fun. Now, when you're working up a good sweat with your favorite trainer, you’ll also be working toward your next FightCamp achievement.

Achievements include badges for completing workouts, maintaining streaks, throwing punches, beating those old scores, and completing Paths.


If you’ve been crushing FightCamp workouts for a while then you’ll already have some badges waiting for you on your new profile screen, as soon as you update to the latest, greatest version of the App (version 3.3). We hope they’re a reminder of all the hard work you’re putting in every time you put on those gloves.



Whether you’ve been on the FightCamp journey a while or you’re brand new to the community, you’ll find something to motivate you. To see all the badges in one place just tap "See All" from your Profile. See the ones you’ve earned (go ahead and revel in your awesomeness) and, of course, find the next one to crush!

P.S. If you haven’t already noticed… we’ve added 6 new music stations to the mix and have more than doubled the songs in each station. You’ll always have fresh tunes to keep you moving and motivated while you let those hands fly.