FightCamp App Update: Introducing the New Home Screen

It's now easier than ever to choose your next workout. On the new FightCamp app, the home screen has been revisited, making it effortless to discover workouts and find one you like. Workouts and paths are now presented in collections for you to save time selecting the right workout for you. Go with a theme that inspires you, and if you like the collection you just chose, no need to wonder what your future workouts will be! Simply follow along the line-up of workouts in that collection.

If there's only a specific time length of workout that fits in your day, or if you're looking for a specific combo level, filters are your best friend! To find workouts perfectly suited for your needs, take a look at our redesigned filters in FightCamp 2.1.

With the help of the upgraded filters, the new collections and featured workouts, it's now easier to find the right workout for you. Update your FightCamp app to version 2.1 to access these new features and much more.


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