FightCamp App Update: V.1.8

Great news FightCamp! A new update for the FightCamp app is now available on the Apple store. New features, bugs solved, improved filters... I don't know about you but we are excited about this. Let's walk through the update together.

Make a Workout Your Favorite

Ever wished you could save your favorite workouts, and find them easily? You are now able to mark workouts as a favorite, to find THAT workout you enjoyed so much. Simply tap on the heart to add a workout in your favorites, or remove it from your favorites. Use the filters to find all the workouts you ever listed as a favorite.

Making it Easy to Find Workouts You've Completed

Looking to repeat a workout you tried recently? Simply filter by workouts completed, and you will find all the workouts you've completed. Go try it right now, your previous workouts will be there!

All Your Workouts on All Your Devices

Your progress history is now saved directly in your account, so you can access it from every device you log into. Losing your phone or using a different device won't be a problem anymore! To save your previous workouts correctly you will notice "synchronizing workout sessions" once the app is updated. That's just helping you access all these amazing new features.