FightCamp Trainer Spotlight: Tommy Duquette

Meet Our FightCamp Trainer (and co-founder), Tommy Duquette.

FUN FACTS About Tommy

  • Favorite Food: Greasy East Coast Pizza
  • Guilty [food] pleasure: Ice Cream
  • Favorite Music for Boxing: 90s Hip Hop or some Salsa 😊
  • Personal Mantra: Get a just a little bit better every day – do something in the interest of continuous improvement.
  • Three Words That Describe Tommy: Curious. Passionate. Hardworking.
  • Words of Wisdom: Don’t take a giant leap, it’s not sustainable – build fitness into your lifestyle.

At the age of 14, Tommy Duquette walked into the Boston Boxing gym with a family member and sat down to watch him train. Tommy watched with eyes wide open and the trainer saw him sitting on the sideline watching intently. The trainer walked over, took one good look at Tommy and told him to “put his shorts on.” 

At that moment, unknowingly to him, Tommy began his journey into boxing and entrepreneurship – two passions that have built his purpose and made him the man he is today.

Tommy Duquette is not only a co-founder of FightCamp, he is also a former amateur boxing standout born to a family whose riches came in the form of boxing experience, drive, and passion.

As a kid, Tommy wanted to be a professional athlete. His grandfather and great-grandfather were both professional boxing champs and traveling down the path of training to compete seemed natural. Tommy’s family was also one that valued work ethic and putting in the effort to put food on the table.

Armed with good genes and morals, Tommy continued his boxing training beyond that first day as a 14-year-old kid. He worked his way up and earned his spot competing as an amateur. He made the US National Team and the next goal on Tommy’s journey was to become an Olympian.

In 2012, Tommy qualified for the Olympic Trials as the #2 seed in the nation and he was one step closer to reaching that goal. However, during the trials, Tommy missed making the Olympic team by a tiny margin.

But Tommy wasn’t down and out. Although he didn’t take the more “traditional” route of going to college right after high school (because he was working and boxing), he still had a passion for education. Over time, Tommy became a little less interested in pursuing boxing as a career and kept one eye open for opportunities. Eventually, Tommy pivoted, changed his focus, and followed his interest in ideation, creating, and growing – all the things successful entrepreneurs must love.

Tommy took the path into higher education where he excelled. He earned a scholarship to Babson College – one of the best schools for entrepreneurship. During his last semester, Tommy was chosen to take part in an internship with a VC fund, Highland Capital. Through that experience, he was given direct access to two highly influential people – Bob Davis (founder of Lycos) and Andrew Hunt (co-founder of Warby Parker).

During that time, Tommy realized that he wanted to truly commit himself to become an entrepreneur and making his mark in the world. He eventually found Khalil, Alex, Patrick, Jay, and Turbo (the other five FightCamp co-founders) who were working on the first generation the FightCamp Punch Trackers – which at the time were huge, handmade devices that barely worked. Tommy joined the team as a co-founder and shortly after they received an investment from Y-Combinator, which moved them out to the West Coast.

With a new environment and perspective, the team continued refining the hardware and software involved in the tracker technology. Although hey had professional boxers and trainers using their technology to optimize training and performance, the team saw another opportunity in reaching boxing enthusiasts of all ages, shapes, sizes, and levels. 

This opportunity to reach a new audience involved inviting those interested in boxing fitness to bring the tracker technology into their own homes where they could use their trackers to work with awesome trainers through on-demand boxing workouts. The team threw this idea out to the public to gauge interest and they were extremely satisfied by the initial response.

The team got to work building the idea and in November 2017, FightCamp was officially born.

Tommy remains a large driving force behind building the FightCamp brand as he heads marketing strategy and is also involved with product development; not only does Tommy work on the business, he works in the business. Tommy creates most of the workouts, works directly with all the trainers, and is a FightCamp trainer himself.

With precise technique, a motivational spirit, and a kick-ass attitude, Tommy’s FightCamp workouts will always force you to challenge yourself. Tommy will take you to the next level, all you have to do is take the first step.