FightCamp App Update: Better Progress Tracking

FightCamp version 1.11 just launched! The updated version of the app includes a brand new feature that will allow you to track your performance and progress.

After a workout, look at your session history for more details on your stats. Did you beat the punch goal every round? By how much? This new graph shows your punch count compared to the punch goal, round by round. Now you know which round to focus on before repeating a workout!

Did you improve your output compared to the last session? The output graph lets you see your output every round this session compared to your previous best. Did you beat your score? Did you push yourself more than you ever have, or can you go even higher next time?

It's time for you to put your gloves back on and revisit your favorite workouts. Let's see how good you're doing. As coach P.J. would say, let's get better every day. Awww yeah!