Can At-Home Workouts Be As Effective As The Gym? Data Finds Equipment Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed all facets of society—including workouts and exercise routines. As gyms closed this year, many people were forced to create home equipment setups and makeshift workout areas. Additionally, many companies began producing streaming content to keep up with at-home workout demands.

A study from FightCamp’s user base shows how working out with equipment vs no equipment impacts the experience of getting in shape at home.

How Can You Stay Consistent When Working Out?

Having equipment at home, whether it’s a punching bag, weights or a machine, does play a role in staying consistent with your workouts.

A new analysis of the retention rate of 20,000 connected fitness users over a six month period found that people who use connected fitness equipment as part of their at-home workout routine stick with their routine longer, versus those who streamed workouts without using connected equipment.

At the 6-month mark, 85% more people are sticking with the workouts when they have equipment than those users who don’t use equipment.

FightCamp analyzed the usage patterns of 20,000+ users who have connected gear to the FightCamp app (Equipment Users) and people who have not connected gear to the FightCamp app (Non-Equipment users), but did at least 1 workout. This graph looks at each group of users (Equipment Vs Non-Equipment) and what percentage of them are still doing at least 1 workout each month from their initial month to their sixth month.

What Is The Best At-Home Workout?

The best at-home workout is not the one that gets you in shape, but keeps you in shape.

We believe this trend we see with our members using equipment and sticking to their workouts is a result of:

1. Having equipment and a safe space dedicated to working out (like our punch trackers, bag and mat provides) that serves as a physical reminder in the home to stay committed.
2. Having equipment (in particular a punching bag) that creates resistance necessary for effective training. (Not to mention, the unique satisfaction of having a bag to punch and release tension!)
3. Having equipment like our punch trackers that gives post workout data and connects you to a leaderboard, that gives real time feedback and the sense of community often found in gyms.

Can at home workouts be as effective as the gym? According to a poll of 1,000 FightCamp users, the answer is yes. 81% of our members report that the pandemic has permanently changed the way they workout and that they will continue to primarily workout from home after the pandemic and not return to a physical gym setting.

Here’s what we recommend for those looking for a workout experience as effective as the gym (or more):

  • Define a dedicated space with equipment visible to serve as a physical reminder
  • Incorporate resistance training
  • Invest in equipment that connects you to workout data and a community

FightCamp user Rebecca Spunzo stated, “Quarantine was the push I needed to invest in FightCamp. Now I can’t see myself ever going to a gym again. The time wasted going there and back, childcare, and germs are all drawbacks. We’re getting a treadmill next week to add to our setup. And when we buy a house in the next few years, a space to make a real home gym will be a must.”