How To Organize Your Home Gym & Workout Equipment

FightCamp - How To Organize Your Home Gym & Workout Equipment

Makeover your at-home workout space with these easy organization tips and ideas for your exercise equipment. Maximize your floor space for those sweat sessions.

Published: September 10, 2022

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Author: Emma Comery

Whether you have a small corner of space to work with or an entire room to convert into a full-blown home gym, here are some tips and products to declutter and organize your workout space!

Home Gym Organizing Solutions

Utilize Wall Space

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

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The walls of your home gym are precious organizational real estate! Use hooks and a wall mount to store yoga mats, foam rollers, and other loose items while freeing up valuable floor space. We love this sleek and simple wall mount rack from Amazon, but inexpensive and damage-free removable strips are also a great option for a hook system you can design to your specific needs. If you have lots of equipment that needs to be stored, a DIY modular pegboard is great for all your lighter athletic equipment, towels, music player, plants, water bottles, and decor.

Repurpose Old Furniture

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

Look around your home for unutilized furniture or organizers. For example, you can use a laundry basket to store yoga mats or hang towel rods at chest height to store boxing gloves, resistance bands, or hand wraps. With a little paint, you can repurpose an old bookcase for shelf space in your home gym.

Give Everything a Home

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

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Everything gets a bin! Durable, waterproof bins like these from The Container Store will keep your equipment organized and easy to access. For a clean, sleek look, use the same color and style container across your home gym. Baskets are also a stylish aesthetic option, but keep in mind that plastic or silicon waterproof bins are easier to clean, and won’t get moldy from sweat or humidity. Then label your non-clear bins for making it easier to put away exercise equipment after each workout.

Feature Colors That Motivate You

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

The best part of having a home gym is designing it 100% customized to you. From vinyl wall decals to gym mats, wall colors, to window treatments, you get to create a fitness space that will challenge, inspire, and drive you. For paint colors and aesthetic touches, remember the power of color psychology – moments of red increase our heart rates, while neutrals help calm us. If mirrors motivate you, you can find an inexpensive floor length mirror at a big-box store to help you perfect your shadowboxing moves.

Hang Boxing Gloves to Dry

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

If you box at home, where you keep your boxing gloves will make a big difference in how long they last (and how sweaty they smell). If you can, hang your boxing gloves from a wall rack to get maximum ventilation. To keep your boxing gloves smelling fresh use deodorizer inserts, like FightCamp's glove deodorizer, and hang them from a hook. No matter how you organize it, avoid storing your boxing gloves in a closed container, and hang them in a well-ventilated spot (if you don’t have good airflow, prop them open in front of a fan for a few hours), away from heat or direct sunlight.

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Create a Cleaning Command Center

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

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Regularly wiping down and cleaning exercise equipment will not only keep you and your space healthy but lengthen the lifespan of your gym equipment. Save time by dedicating a bin or caddy, like this one from Ikea, to hold your cleaning basics, then store it neatly on a shelf close by.

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Stack Weights on a Shelf or Rack

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

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Keep your dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls organized and out of the way with a simple shelving unit or cubby with the heaviest weights on the bottom, and the lightest up top. This stylish and compact weight rack from Target is perfect for small spaces. For round objects like medicine balls, you can use small plastic bins or sports ball holders to keep them stable and off the floor.

Include Atmospheric Touches

FightCamp - Home Gym Equipment Organization

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Staying organized while staying fit doesn’t mean your home gym space has to be sterile and stark. It should be a space you’re excited to be in! If you use your home gym for yoga or stretching, a small essential oil diffuser can help you achieve the perfect state of relaxation. Plants are also a great way to increase oxygen in your home gym. And don’t forget how much lighting affects an atmosphere. Fierce and motivational LED neon signs like this one can be a more affordable alternative to expensive fixtures or complicated recessed lighting.

Stay Organized While Training Like a Fighter

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