The Ultimate Punching Bag Comparison With Mike Tyson

The Ultimate Punching Bag Comparison With Mike Tyson

Many brands claim to have the best heavy bag on the market, but few can truly stand up to the blows of a CHAMP. We put 3 punching bags to the Mike Tyson test.

Published: March 15, 2022

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Author: Jess Evans

The true test of a free-standing punching bag, or heavy bag, comes down to a simple task: hold up to a punch. This is essentially what punching bags are designed to do–or at least it should be. Most companies that manufacture standing punching bags make claims about how great their products are, and how they can hold up to even the most ferocious of punches. While this may be true for punches thrown by at-home fitness enthusiasts, what happens when you bring in one of the fiercest boxers of all time to test them?

“Iron” Mike Tyson

"Iron" Mike Tyson Putting on FightCamp Traditional Hand Wraps

Mike Tyson is without a doubt one of the best heavyweight boxers of all-time. Although small for the division, during his boxing career, Tyson relied on inside boxing, changing levels, and his tremendous explosive power to reign king of the heavyweight division for years. (At age 20, he was also the youngest boxer to win the title). He started his career with a perfect 37-0 record (33 via knockouts), and ended his career with an impressive 88% of his victories coming from KO’s. There is a reason he became known as “Iron Mike.”

Even today, at the age of 55, Tyson has devastating power behind his punches. So what better way to truly test the limits of a free-standing heavy bag!

The Evaluation | The Punching Power Test

We took three (3) free-standing punching bags and put them through a punching power test to find out which is the absolute best on the market. Here are the factors we looked at:

  • Time: 30 seconds

  • Test 1: Can the punching bag be knocked over?

  • Test 2: How many 1-2 punch combos can the bag withstand?

  • Test 3: Can the punching bag be moved out of the taped-off square area?


Punching Bag 1

Free-Standing Punching Bag
  • Time: Lasted 12 seconds

  • Test 1: Bag stayed upright

  • Test 2: Withstood five 1-2 punch combos

  • Test 3: Knocked out of the tape-off square

Decision: Ultimately, this punching bag is not balanced enough in its base. With each punch combo, it slid, until it eventually moved about 1-2 feet after just 12 seconds.

Punching Bag 2

Free-Standing Punching Bag #2
  • Time: Lasted all of 6 seconds

  • Test 1: Bag was easily knocked over

  • Test 2: Withstood only three 1-2 punch combos

  • Test 3: Bag moved out of the square

Decision: The base of this punching bag is too light. With each punch combo, it rose off the ground and eventually tipped over by KO.

Punching Bag 3 - FightCamp Heavy Bag

FightCamp Free-Standing Punching Bag
  • Time: Lasted the full 30 seconds

  • Test 1: Bag stayed upright

  • Test 2: Withstood eight 1-2 punch combos

  • Test 3: Never moved off of the initial spot and rebounded back after each successive blow

Decision: Winner!

The Best of the Best

There you have it, the ultimate punching bag test from one of the hardest-punching boxer of all time, Mr. Mike Tyson!

When it comes to investing in an at-home punching bag, there is no question as to which option is the standout. There may be more affordable options available, but as the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” and with the FightCamp free-standing punching bag, you truly do get a high-quality product that can withstand the force of any fighter.

Beyond Boxing Equipment

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Mike Tyson Boxing Training With FightCamp

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- Mike Tyson

Jess Evans

Jess Evans started boxing and training in Muay Thai in 2012. In 2013, she moved to Australia, and joined Bulldog Gym. Jess won 3 state belts in her 52kg weight division. She’s had nine amateur Muay Thai fights (7-2), 3 amateur boxing fights (2-1), and became a FightCamp Trainer in 2021. She is also USA Boxing Coach certified.

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