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FightCamp - Common Boxing Match Terms Defined | Boxing 101

Want to sound like a boxer and know what you’re talking about when watching a boxing fight? Here are some common boxing phrases to get you started.

Published: December 20, 2022

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Author: Shanie "Smash" Rusth

If you are new to boxing training or enjoy watching the sport, sometimes you'll hear phrases that might not make sense at first. Once you learn some key boxing terms or phrases, it will make watching fights and training much more fun. In this article, I will explain some of the most common terms that you will hear while watching a fight or working out in a boxing gym.

Common Boxing Match Terms

Tale of the Tape

Prior to a boxing match, an objective comparison is made of two opponents, which includes the fighter’s measurements and statistics - such as age, weight, height, reach, fight record, and where they are based.

Training Split or Split System Training

Split system training refers to the structure of a training program that is broken down by different areas of focus, body parts, body regions, or in boxing by technique. Here is an example of a boxer’s training split schedule:

  • Day 1 - Boxing: Mittwork and heavy bag drills

  • Day 2 - Strength: Kettlebell circuit

  • Day 3 - Boxing Technique: Footwork drills and mittwork

  • Day 4 - Strength: Functional circuit training

  • Day 5 - Roadwork: Uphill sprints and shadowboxing

  • Day 6 - Sparring: 10 rounds

  • Day 7 - Recovery Day: Deep tissue massage and assisted stretching

FightCamp - Common Boxing Match Terms Defined

Fight Camp or Training Camp

In the weeks leading up to a fight, a fighter prepares to compete by going through a training camp, also referred to as a fight camp. A training camp can typically last 6-10 weeks, right up until the match. During that time, the fighter works closely with their coaches and team to train in the combat sport specific to their competition. Training includes practicing technique, building speed, endurance, power, and strength, cutting down to fight weight, and sparring sessions to get used to what it will feel like in the ring. Fighters will also study their opponent to formulate a game plan.

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Amateur Boxing Match

Amateur boxing fights are non-paid matches with fighters who are usually at the start of their boxing career. Fights in amateur boxing matches are based on points scored by a boxer. Wherein professional boxing, fighters are paid for the match, and boxers can earn more for knocking out an opponent.

Weight Class

Boxing matches are broken down by weight class divisions. Each weight class requires that fighters be within a certain weight range to make the fights equally balanced. Here are some of the many weight class divisions:

  • Flyweight: 108-112lbs

  • Bantamweight: 115-118lbs

  • Featherweight: 122-126lbs

  • Lightweight: 130-135lbs

  • Welterweight: 140-147lbs

  • Middleweight: 154-160lbs

  • Light Heavyweight: 168-175lbs

  • Heavyweight: 200+lbs

For more details on the various male and female boxing weight divisions check out our article on Boxing Weight Classes Explained.

FightCamp - Common Boxing Match Terms Defined

Smoker Fight

A smoker fight is a non-sanctioned fight or exhibition match which usually takes place in the ring of a training gym. Smoker fights do not count on a fighter’s record and are mostly done to prepare for a title fight or gain experience in the ring.

Sanctioned Fight

A sanctioned fight is a bout that has been approved and overseen by the state athletic commission and counts towards a fighter’s record.

Saved by the Bell

Did you know the popular phrase 'saved by the bell' actually comes from boxing? In a boxing fight, if a boxer is knocked down, they have till the count of ten by the referee to stand to their feet, or if they're lucky enough, the bell will ring before the boxer is counted out and save them to be able to go on to the next round.

Fight Nights

Take some time to listen for these terms while watching a fight. Anything to help you understand the sport better will make your training more fun. Plus, you may even find yourself incorporating them into your vocabulary and talking like a boxer!

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Shanie "Smash" Rusth

Shanie "Smash" Rusth is an undefeated pro MMA fighter, FightCamp Trainer, and mother of two. She began MMA in 2011 to get in shape and feel empowered after becoming a single mom. Shanie is USA Boxing Coach certified.

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