Community Spotlight: Tonyia Short

Community Spotlight: Tonyia Short

Meet FightCamp client Tonyia Short. Tonya absolutely loves the convenience of FightCamp. She also feels a strong bond with the different FightCamp trainers.

Published: June 8, 2018

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Author: FightCamp Team

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m a football mom. I have five children. Four of them are boys and one girl. They are 19,18, the twins are 12 and the youngest is 11 years old. They are my everything. I’m from Philadelphia and now I live in Atlanta. I’m a certified life coach currently pursuing my BA in psychology and I work for Starbucks which I absolutely love!!

How did you discover FightCamp?

I discovered FightCamp through Instagram. I saw an Ad on my newsfeed.

What’s your favorite part of the FightCamp workouts?

There are a few favorites that I have, lol. I love that I literally feel like I’m right there live with the participants. It’s as if the trainer could see me through a camera connection. It’s funny because, when I slow down, the trainer says something motivating at that moment you need that extra push. That got me thinking that FightCamp should offer live classes in the future. I also love that there is the flexibility in workout length plus the music is bomb! Being able to track my progress is a motivating bonus that pushes me to beat my last record.

How would you describe how you feel after a FightCamp workout?

I feel amaaaaazing… I have more energy and I feel strong.

How/why does FightCamp fit into your schedule?

It’s literally on my phone. This means I can take my workouts with me anywhere, anytime. It does not matter if it’s 8pm, 3am or 5am. Sometimes, I have to be at work at 4am and instead of going to the gym because I’m too tired for that type of interaction, I can come home and get my workout in… a good one. Then, I’m done. No Excuses.

How is FightCamp different than any other workout?

I really feel like there is a personal and genuine touch. I can’t explain it… you just feel it. Plus, the instructional content the and Boxing-Base workouts allow me to get guidance on how to box without leaving home.

If you could describe your FightCamp experience in 3 words, what would they be and why?

Challenging, fun and motivating. The music and the interaction from the trainers are beyond amazing which makes this fun, even when I have to push through to the end.

Who is your favorite FightCamp trainer and why?

I love PJ! His catchy phrases and upbeat personality always motivate me to keep on pushing!

Do you mix FightCamp with any other workouts?

Yes! I mix FightCamp with other cardio exercises. I also do some strength training. I also do yoga.

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