FightCamp Welcomes Kirsten Flores

FightCamp Welcomes Kirsten Flores

Meet Kirsten Flores--The newest FightCamp team member responsible for ensuring our weekend workouts are amazing and managing our incredible online communities.

Published: March 6, 2019

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Author: FightCamp Team

Meet Kirsten Flores, our weekend workout event planner, and community manager who helps us pull it all together.

Fun Facts about Kirsten:

  • Favorite Foods: Acai bowls and sushi

  • Fitness Interests: Was a figure skater and competitive dancer

  • Guilty Pleasure: Binge watching Gilmore Girls (which is partly due to her awesome relationship with her own mom!)

  • Life’s Theme Song: The theme song from Gilmore Girls (she especially likes the quote, “Where you lead, I will follow.”)

For every FightCamp workout you do at home, we host weekend workouts. This means that there is an entire team working behind-the-scenes to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. From ensuring our trainers are ready to go, to checking on the participants and making sure they are hyped about being involved, to getting every little detail arranged and all the logistics planned. It is truly a team effort that could not be done by any single person.

So as we continued building our FightCamp team, we were looking for someone who could positively contribute to this experience and share our passion for what we do. And now, we are very excited to introduce you to one of our newest members, Kirsten Flores, who joined us as our Assistant Community and Events Manager almost two months ago.

With a diverse background that includes a degree from UC Berkeley in Sociology, working as a tutor for autistic children, teaching English online, and working as a part-time marketing consultant, Kirsten has learned the values of hard work, caring about others, and the importance of effective communication. Kirsten is also a former marketing communications professional at Intel and Taekwondo studio manager. She has an insatiable love for event planning, socializing, and paying attention to all the little details (which is exactly what we needed).

As the Assistant Community and Events Manager, Kirsten is responsible for managing the incredible Facebook FightCamp community and the meetups. She is also responsible for a good chunk of the weekend workouts - coordinating the event pages, working with the trainers, and getting participants to feel that boxing flow as they get prepped for the workout. She works tirelessly alongside all the key players and our technical team to make the magic happen.

Kirsten told us that part of the reason she joined the team was that she felt such a great vibe from the people at FightCamp and the role aligned with her event planning and fitness interests.

“I love socializing and chatting. I love planning and getting down into those details that most people don’t like or don’t want to think about. This gives me the opportunity to be creative and use my strengths to contribute to such a fun and exciting company.”

Kirsten sees a lot of opportunity in her new role and some challenges. While she doesn’t use social media a whole lot in her personal life (kudos to her!) she does use it to manage the FightCamp communities. At first, that was a bit challenging for her, but she said that she’s getting the hang of it and loves the community. Kirsten hopes that this experience will help her grow as a person and learn as a professional so she can continue her career in event planning - and of course, keep it fun with all that socializing!

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