Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Boxing Exhibition Fight

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul: Boxing Exhibition Fight

Professional boxer Floyd Mayweather is set to fight YouTube superstar Logan Paul in a PPV boxing exhibition match. The fight details, odds, and what to expect.

Published: May 28, 2021

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Author: "Razor" Rob McCullough

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to take on YouTube internet sensation Logan Paul in a boxing exhibition fight on PPV presented by Fanmio Boxing on Sunday, June 6, 2021 (previously scheduled for February 20, 2021).

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Boxing Statistics

Mayweather, who has retired multiple times now, has returned to the ring. His last official boxing match was in August 2017 when he took on UFC star Conor McGregor who was making his boxing debut. [This excludes an exhibition bout against Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in December that lasted one round “with Mayweather Winning''.]

The Logan Paul vs. “Money Mayweather” exhibition fight has new odds (source Covers.com) listing MAYWEATHER -2,000, and Paul at +750.

Let's take a look at each fighter's age, weight, and training regime.

Who Is Floyd Mayweather?

Floyd Mayweather Boxing Statistics

Floyd Mayweather nicknamed “Money Mayweather” is a 50-0 professional boxer with 15 major world titles in over three (3) different weight classes. Mayweather was also a bronze medalist in the 1996 Olympic games.

Mayweather is 43 years old with 27 wins coming by way of knockout. Mayweather has an Orthodox boxing stance, stands at 5’8'' with a 72” reach, and weighs, at his heaviest fight weight, 154 pounds.

What Is Floyd Mayweather’s Training Regimen?

Mayweather is known for his “footwork and defensive style of boxing” as well as his normally strict training routine which consists of very high aerobic output. His training includes jump rope, shadow boxing with weights, heavy bag work, double-ended bag and speed bag drills.

It's no wonder why he's undefeated and considered by some to be the best boxer in the world.

Who Is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul Boxing Statistics

Logan Paul is a YouTube internet sensation with over 116 million followers. Nicknamed “The Maverick”, he is 25 years old, 6’2” tall with a reach of 76 inches, and weighed in at his last boxing match at 193.2 pounds. Like Mayweather, he also has an Orthodox boxing stance.

What Is Logan Paul’s Boxing Record?

Logan Paul’s boxing record is 0-1. His only boxing match was in 2019 where he lost a split decision to UK YouTube star KSI in a 6-round fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

What Is Logan Paul’s Training Schedule?

Unlike Mayweather, Logan Paul doesn’t have years of boxing training experience and fight camp knowledge. For this fight, the real question for Paul's training camp is, does he repeat his first attempt at boxing glory with the same training regime he had for his first fight that resulted in his 6-round loss to another first-time boxer? Or does he change up his fight camp this time to become a fighting machine searching to blemish the undefeated boxer who has never tasted defeat?

Who Is The Favorite Between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul?

The current odds favor boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, but the match-up still brings questions. Can Paul use his reach and size to his advantage? This gives the much younger internet sensation a 4-inch reach advantage in the ring and, from their heaviest recorded fight weights, a 39-pound weight advantage.

This fight, love it or hate it, will be watched by millions on PPV, if and when it happens. Together, the number of online followers they have is over 160 million. Are exhibition boxing matches like this the future of fighting? If you devote your life to combat sports and do it because it's your passion, then you want to be the best and you want to challenge yourself against the best. Matches like this are here to stay. Some say it’s a marketing ploy, while others want to watch it kind of like a car crash.

Either way, this fight will spike interest in combat sports and one of the world's oldest sports: Boxing. It will also bring new followers to both Logan Paul’s and Floyd Mayweather's fan bases, which in return will add to both of their net worths: *Mayweather - $450 million; *Logan Paul - $19 million.

With the right training and mindset you can take on the world…YouTuber or boxer.

"Razor" Rob McCullough

"Razor" Rob McCullough is a dad, martial artist, and has been a coach for the last 25 years. He is a highly decorated Muay Thai kickboxing Champion and World Champion Mixed Martial Artist (World Extreme Cagefighting). He is a certified personal trainer through the NASM, as well as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Youth Exercise Specialist, and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist. He has also been a Striking Coach for UFC Hall of Famers and the reality TV show “The Ultimate Fighter”.

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