Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia - How They Got to the Ring

FightCamp - Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

The biggest fight of the year has been announced! Let’s see how the stars of this bout, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, became boxing champions.

Published: January 23, 2023

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Author: Iain Mackenzie

The news is out that Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are heading for a massive super fight early next year. Let’s take a look at the paths these two elite lightweight kings took to get to their spots at the top. We’re breaking down everything we know about the fighters and what we can expect on fight night.

The Fighters

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis

Gervonta Davis is a fighter who was spotted at a young age by none other than all-time great Floyd Mayweather Jr. as a future great and was taken under his wing. With the promoting power of Mayweather Promotions and the careful direction of veteran boxing coach Calvin Ford, Gervonta has taken a picture-perfect path to his world championship belt. Defeating the likes of Jose Pedraza, Isaac Cruz, Leo Santa Cruz, and Rolando Romero, Davis is no stranger to high-profile fights, and he’s a crowd-pleaser with slick defense and destructive power, especially in his straight right hand down the pipe after a shoulder roll.

Ryan ‘King-Ry’ Garcia

Ryan Garcia’s story is quite inspiring, as someone who understands how hard self-promotion in a fickle sport like boxing can be. Ryan Garcia, from day one, understood that he needed constant attention in order to get a chance at fighting high-level competition. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, he used it all to get his start and force people to recognize his obvious talent and it worked. Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions found and signed Garcia, recognizing his star power, and started giving him the opportunity to fight in the big ring. He skyrocketed to the forefront of media conversations, and once he got in the ring with those world-class fighters he proved himself. He defeated Luke Campbell after being knocked down, showing his ability to recover and win a fight where he faced serious adversity. With his lightning-quick left hook and fast combinations, combined with his grit and willingness to fight through the fire, Garcia has won the hearts of many fans.

How They Got Here

This fight is a long time in the making and we have to thank Youtuber Boxing for it finally materializing. Now before the boxing purists burn me at the stake, just hear me out: boxers are finally learning to really promote themselves in the modern age, and we have the Jake Paul phenomenon to thank for that. Like Tommy Duquette said in his recent video, guys like Jake Paul have massive followings because they are great self-promoters, and fighters like Ryan Garcia are starting to understand that and take notes. Both Tank and Garcia understand that the best way they can promote themselves is by taking a risk and fighting each other, and by doing that, forces the rest of the lightweight division to start moving towards unifying, and like it or not we have Jake Paul to thank for that.

The Biggest Fight of 2023?

The Davis vs Garcia fight is huge for 2 main reasons: It's two of the best lightweights in the world clashing in a unification bout, and it's just the sort of spark the division needs to get elite fighters to start fighting each other instead of walkover mandatories. Once Gervonta and Garcia fight it out in the ring, fighters like Devin Haney, Vasyl Lomachenko, or Shakur Stevenson will likely be the next up to the plate for the winner, all of which are blockbuster super fights. 

How to Watch

So the rumor is that the fight will take place in Spring 2023 in Las Vegas, but the details on the venue or exact date have not been released yet. Never fear though, the FightCamp Team will keep you updated on all the latest fight news so check back with us regularly!

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Iain Mackenzie

Iain Mackenzie is a licensed amateur boxer. He discovered boxing through karate and saber fencing, and has trained in multiple gyms across Texas, competing in amateur tournaments such as Golden Gloves & the Houston Open.

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