Meet Brody aka “Beast Kid”: The Next Generation of Boxing

Meet Brody a.k.a “Beast Kid”: The Next Generation of Boxing

Brody Wooten represents the next generation of boxing. One year after starting FightCamp, he’s ready for his first competitive boxing match.

Published: January 13, 2021

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Author: Sarah Pitman

At 12 years old, Brody Wooten proves that you can be a boxer at any age. Anyone can be a fighter--in all senses of the word.

Even though he only really got into boxing last February, he has made tremendous progress and has developed into a resilient boxer.

Here's his story...

The Beginning

“Family Values” is something that was instilled in Brody from an early age. He is growing up with a devoted stay-at-home mom and his dad as his best friend.

Brody grew up watching his dad box. His dad set up a home gym with various FightCamp equipment for his own practice, and regularly uses the FightCamp workouts to train.

Although he saw his dad using the program, Brody admits he had some hesitations about FightCamp. “My initial thoughts when I started FightCamp was that I wasn’t really going to like it. I thought that I wouldn’t use it that much. I figured that I’d rather just have a regular bag and not have the teaching and program. But then once I started using it, I realized that it’s actually really helpful and it helped develop my skills a lot, and it made me love boxing.”

The Transformation

Now, Brody is excited about the workouts. He doesn’t need the encouragement from his father to practice.

“When Brody started FightCamp, he really had no basic core knowledge of boxing,” says his father. “One of the things that was really appealing about FightCamp was seeing how they start from square one; they take you and strip it down and teach you from the very basic punches, the stance, you know, how to actually strike the bag, and really it was fun to watch Brody take that instruction and be able to apply that when he’s doing the workout.”

After witnessing Brody in his first competitive boxing class, his dad knew right away that Brody had something--a real fighter within--a “beast”. He knows the importance of discipline.

Even his mom has noticed a shift in Brody since starting FightCamp.

"My 12 year old will be in the worst mood, go out and do a workout and come inside a totally different person. At this age where hormones and testosterone is all over the place I think it’s good for them to get some of those aggressions out in a healthy way."

- Amber Horsley Wooten, Brody's Mom

The Preparation

Just shy of one year after he started, Brody is preparing for his first competitive fight.

Brody is truly a “beast”. We can’t wait to see him grow and evolve even more. Best of luck in your fight, Brody!

To continue to follow Brody's boxing journey, you can find him on Instagram: @beastkidfitness.

Sarah Pitman

Sarah Pitman is the Blog Coordinator at FightCamp. She manages digital marketing accounts for fitness companies, & is a runner, yogi, & traveler. She’s a certified yoga instructor & studied personal training through ACE.

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