Production That Packs a Punch: Filming FightCamp Workouts

Production That Packs a Punch: Filming FightCamp Workouts

From conception, filming and producing, and being added to your app, none of the FightCamp workouts would be possible without Griffin Conway.

Published: November 19, 2018

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Author: FightCamp Team

It seems almost magical – you get a notification that a new workout was added to the FightCamp app, so you login and select it, and then poof – that workout is on your screen. Within minutes, you’re sweating it out to one of Flo’s new combos or shaking to Shanie’s full body toning sequence of torture.

But, while sparks truly fly during the exciting stages of producing the workouts, the process is far from magical – it requires the same energy, grit, dedication, and determination you put into each and every one of your workouts.

From conception, filming and producing, and being added to your app – none of the FightCamp workouts would make it onto the app and into your home without the backbone of the FightCamp production team, Griffin Conway.

Griffin, the guy who was inspired by cool photos in a friend’s home and bought his first camera on Craigslist, is the creative genius behind the filming and production of the FightCamp workouts.

Griffin joined the team after meeting Tommy through a mutual friend. He worked as a freelancer for the FightCamp team to film promo content during his downtime from his corporate job. After demonstrating his eye for combos and cinematography, Griffin eventually joined the FightCamp team on a full-time basis and he immediately energized the team by infusing his passion of boxing and filming into the production process on a consistent basis.

When asked about a typical week in the production department at FightCamp, Griffin explains the weekend filming process. This includes studio prep for filming an audio, two 8-10 hour days of workouts at the studio, and being attentive and focused on details to capture multiple angles and audio for each instructor. And of course, this all happens after the workouts are meticulously planned and practiced by the FightCamp team and trainers (more on that later).

After the long weekend capturing 16-20 (or more) hours of content, Griffin has the challenge of editing the workouts. Each workout takes about 6-7 hours and includes:

  • Syncing the outputs from the cameras and the audio from the trainer’s microphone and music from the DJ

  • Recording the live mix to make a killer soundtrack and ensuring the trainers’ cues on point with the counts

  • Syncing all sources to make the cuts for the classes

  • Compiling the final workout and promo pieces

  • Passing the workouts along to the CTO so he can take it from there…

Then, he does it all over again…

Although it seems tedious, Griffin loves the challenge and the work. His passion for production and creating visual stories to inspire and motivate drive him to deliver each and every workout with his seal of approval.

Griffin looks forward to continuing producing workouts with FightCamp and build the production team so they can increase production. Griffin explains that his biggest overall challenge is running out of time.

“If only we had more than 24 hours in a day, we could produce even more workouts. But, we will get there. FightCamp is only just beginning.”


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