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FightCamp - Finding Your Workout Partner

Working out with a buddy improves your workouts, mental health, and even your friendship. Get a friend in on your fitness journey and how to get them on board.

Published: January 23, 2023

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Author: Mollie McGurk

Starting a fitness routine is easy, it’s sticking to it that gets tough. Working out with friends or in a group can keep you motivated – and make you push yourself harder.

An accountability buddy eliminates all those excuses you might conjure up a few weeks into your new fitness routine. Even better, it saves you from the inevitable regret of skipping a workout. Studies have shown that social support is immensely important to stay on track with your fitness goals. Research also reveals that a workout buddy can encourage you to exercise for longer and at a higher intensity.

Find out why you should partner up for your next workout and how FightCamp can help recruit your new workout buddy.

Do Accountability Buddies Help With Workouts?

Yes, accountability buddies help with workouts.

Everyone has days when they can’t find the motivation to schedule a workout, and without any accountability, it’s easy to let yourself miss out. If someone else is involved, it is no longer just about you – skipping the workout would let them down, too. This alone can be enough to keep you committed, but it is far from the only reason that fitness buddies are so beneficial.

Benefits of Working Out with a Friend:

Keeps You Motivated

People who work out with a partner exercise more regularly than those who don’t. It’s immensely helpful to someone who can lend support and encouragement when you might otherwise just throw in the towel. Even if you aren’t hitting the gym together, just a quick call or text message can give you the extra boost you needed.

Challenges You

Working out with others has been shown to make people exercise harder. Whether it’s the confidence of having someone in your corner or the rush of a little healthy competition, it helps to have someone there to push you out of your comfort zone. That's the premise behind FightCamp's Versus Mode, where you can choose to go head-to-head with another member in the app to set your intention and challenge yourself.

Makes it Fun

A gym buddy can add a lot of fun to your workouts. You can commiserate through the pain and laugh off each other’s blunders. It can also help add variety with partner workouts, and as you each come up with your own unique ideas to switch it up from one week to the next.

Increases Bonding

Working out together can improve your relationships. Whether you are teaming up with a partner, colleague, old friend, or a new friend you just met, facing the challenges of exercise together creates a sense of connection and community. Friends that work out together, stay together.   

Boosts Mental Health

Having a workout buddy checks off two of the major natural remedies for depression: exercise and social support. Both physical movement and spending time with friends release feel-good chemicals called endorphins, elevating feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

How to Get Your Fitness Partner On Board

Most people inherently know they should be exercising more, and that it’s tough to commit. Buddying up to make it happen can be easy for some people, but here are some tips if your friend needs an extra push.

  • Remind them of all the benefits of working out with a friend.

  • Set attainable short-term goals to start, for example: “Let’s commit to 3 months and see how we like it.”

  • Plan workouts in accordance with both of your schedules so neither one of you feel a time crunch.

  • Have rewards for important milestones, for example, a nice dinner or night out after completing 1 month.

  • Use incentive programs like FightCamp’s Referral Program – you get $100 of free FightCamp apparel, and your friend gets 3 months of free membership.

My Buddy & Me

Having workout buddies can be a game-changer. Working out with a friend provides motivation, variety, fun, and a dose of healthy competition. The benefits go beyond leveling up your exercise routine – it can be great for bonding and mental health.

Find out who is in your corner and take the first step towards leading a healthier, happier life as a team. 

Train Like Fighters Together

Take your workouts to the next level and train like a fighter with your workout buddy with the at-home connected fitness solution used by world champion boxers Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. FightCamp has everything you need to work out on your schedule, with premium boxing equipment and hundreds of on-demand strength, conditioning, kickboxing, boxing, core, and recovery classes led by real fighters. 

As Mike Tyson said - “FightCamp is the next level of training!”

Mollie McGurk

Mollie McGurk is a writer and has trained in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and HIIT for over 10 years. She has also studied personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) program.

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