'Tis The Season To Get Stronger | 2021 Holiday Spots

'Tis The Season To Get Stronger | 2021 Holiday Spots

Deck your halls with Boxing & Kickboxing! This holiday season, get fitness that works as hard as you do.

Published: December 22, 2021

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Author: FightCamp Team

This season FightCamp combines the holiday spirit with true fighting spirit in its 2021 Holiday campaign. A combination of grit & determination, hopes & dreams, family & fun, these four spots celebrate what it means to train like a champion from the comfort of your home, and on your own time.

FightCamp's 2021 Holiday Ad Spots

Deck The Halls

Talent Credits:

Johnathon White, Homeowner/Home Boxer 1
Ashlie Campbell, Home Boxer 2
Priscilla Kandel, Choir Member 1
Michael Ursu, Choir Member 2
Mark Sarchet, Choir Member 3
Karina Olmeda, Choir Member 4
Claudia Nguyen, Choir Member 5

Just In Time

Talent Credits:

Spencer Vaughn Kelly - Husband
Sarah Erving - Wife
Kimberly Ransom - Mother
Ross Turner - Husband

Built Different

Talent Credits:

Candice Becker, Home Boxer 1
Dom Huynh, Home Boxer 2


Talent Credits:

Spencer Vaughn Kelly - Husband
Sarah Erving - Wife
Lewis Scott II - Child

FightCamp 2021 Holiday Campaign Credits:

Patrick Chandler, Chief Marketing Officer
Tommy Duquette, Chief Content Officer
Kevin Valade, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing
Annika Lurio, FightCamp Brand Manager
Griffin Conway, Executive Producer & DoP
Matt Eastwood, Creative Concept Director
David Rubie, Director
Jeffrey Hong, Producer & Post-Production Supervisor
Zachary McQuade, 1st Assistant Director
Jacob Laureanti & Ryan Luth, 1st Assistant Camera
Hugo Will, Chief Lighting Technician
Barham Lashley & Dylan Whiddon, Key Grip
Adam Young & Ferdinand Amalvez, Production Sound
Avary Mitchell, Production Design
Mary Kendall & Olivia Shipman, Hair and Makeup
Arturo Ochoa & Tyler Sawyer, Photography
Mike Goedecke, Senior Editor
Harrison Wood, Music Composition
Alfredo Pasquel & Jacob Flack, Post-Production Sound
Jake Pierelee, Colorist

FightCamp Team

The FightCamp Team is in your corner, curating the latest in at-home boxing, kickboxing, and fitness training. With up-to-date and expert-level information from workouts, boxing tips and technique, wellness and nutrition, and fight news, our goal is to help you find the fighter within!

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