20-Minute At-Home Partner Boxing Workout

20-Minute At-Home Partner Boxing Workout

Partner boxing workouts are a great way for couples and friends to improve their boxing skills. Here’s a 20 minute partner boxing workout suited to all levels.

Published: February 5, 2021

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Exercising with a partner can be beneficial both physically and mentally. It is a great way to keep each other motivated and push each other to workout harder. At the same time, exercising together is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship or friendship.

Partner boxing drills can be especially fun for couples. Not only is it an unbeatable stress reliever and a seriously fun way to challenge each other, but it can also improve communication and trust.

This Valentine’s Day consider trying something new and different – have some healthy fun with a few partner boxing combos.

How Do I Practice Boxing With a Partner?

There are a few different ways to practice boxing with a partner. If you live together, you can try a great partner workout at home using boxing mitts (also called pads), or you can alternate on the bag (or each hit from one side). Another option is to alternate between punch combinations on the heavy bag and HIIT conditioning exercises. While one partner drills the punching bag, the other partner can perform a HIIT exercise. After a set time is up, you switch.

If you are not in the same household, you can challenge a partner to a virtual workout. FightCamp’s VS Mode allows you to invite a partner to a competitive fight, where you are both trying to beat each other’s stats. A little healthy competition can be a lot of fun!

How Can I Practice Sparring With a Partner?

You can practice sparring with a partner by each alternating on the bag, or with gloves and boxing mitts. Any punching with mitts should be done at about 50 percent power, especially if you are just learning to spar. Start with less complex boxing punch combinations until you are both confident with using the mitts.

What Are Good Partner Boxing Drills?

Good partner boxing drills should be relatively simple to start, incorporating easier exercises you would do in any beginner boxing workout. This ensures both partners are at a level they are comfortable with until they both become more advanced – something they can work on together as a mutual goal.

What Are Boxing Drills I Can Do With My Partner?

Above all, partner workouts are a great opportunity to challenge your partner and yourself. Try kicking it up a notch with this intense 20-minute boxing workout with your partner:

Warm-up (5 minutes)

  • Jog in Place (2 minutes)

  • Burpees (60 seconds)

  • Arm Circles (60 seconds)

  • Hip Circles (60 seconds)

Jab-Cross Combo with Squat (10 minutes)

  • Partner 1 assumes a boxing stance

  • Partner 2 stands in front of them at arm’s length and drops down into a squat

  • Partner 1 repeats a jab-cross combination over Partner 2's head, while their Partner 2 holds the squatting position

  • Continue for 5 minutes

  • Switch!

Hook-Uppercut Combo on the Bag with Burpees (10 minutes)

  • Both partners assume a fighting stance on either side of the bag

  • Both partners deliver a rapid right hook-left hook combo

  • Both partners deliver a rapid right uppercut-left-upper hook combo

  • Repeat for 5 rounds and count out loud together to keep the pace

  • Follow with 5 burpees and a verbal count

  • Continue for 10 minutes

Cool Down (5 minutes)

Partner Chest Stretch

  • Stand back-to-back and hold hands behind you

  • Both take a step forward, raising your arms to the sides until you feel the stretch in your chest

  • Hold for 60 seconds

Partner Leg Stretch

  • Sit facing each other with legs outstretched to the sides

  • Hold your partner's hands and pull them forward towards you until they feel the stretch in their thighs

  • Hold for 60 seconds, then switch and hold for another 60 seconds

Partner Shoulder/Arm Stretch

  • Partner 1 stands with their back towards Partner 2, hands clasped behind their back

  • Partner 2 gently lifts Partner 1’s hands up towards their shoulders until Partner 1 feels the stretch

  • Hold for 60 seconds then switch positions and hold for another 60 seconds

Working out with a partner is a great way to help you meet your fitness goals. Nothing beats having someone in your corner motivating you to push yourself. Even having that little extra rush of competition can make anyone step up their game. Boxing partner workouts can also be a great trust-building exercise, making them a wonderful bonding opportunity for couples.

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