3-Punch Boxing Combos: Leading with the Cross (Pt. 2)

3-Punch Boxing Combos: Leading with the Cross

Part 2 of our 3-PUNCH COMBOS series continues with the Cross to start your boxing combos. These simple, yet powerful combinations are perfect for all levels.

Published: July 3, 2021

Topics: Drills & Combos, Training

Author: Nikolay Tsenkov

Welcome to the second article in our 3-punch combos series! In the first one, we took a look at boxing punch combos starting with the jab. Here, we turn our focus to 3-punch boxing combos continuing with the cross.

Unlike turn-based strategy games, in boxing, your time to think and move uninterrupted isn’t guaranteed. This is why you need to make space and time for your punches. A landed lead cross (almost anywhere on your opponent - head, core, guard, shoulder, chest) is likely to make your opponent pause. And if your cross gets countered mid-way, you can use that as a signal to abort the rest of the combo.

Note: When you punch, you can choose to throw stationary or with a step. In these articles, we will instruct the combinations with a step.

What Are Some of the Best 3-Punch Combos Starting With a Cross?

The 2-6-3 Combo

Cross | 2

  • Shift your weight towards your back foot

    • Step forward with your leading foot as you extend the cross

  • As you bring your rear hand back, your back foot catches up and you rotate the body to load up for the uppercut

Rear Uppercut | 6

  • As you rotate your body with the uppercut - keep your feet planted on the ground

Lead Hook | 3

  • For a lead hook, the center of your weight shifts to your back foot, creating a bit of space between you and the opponent

  • The front foot pivots together with the shot

  • Reset to your stance

The 2-3 Body-5 Combo

Cross | 2

  • Shift your weight towards your back foot

    • Step forward with your leading foot as you extend the cross

    • As you take the step, rotate/twist your upper body to load up for the hook

Lead Hook | 3

  • Throw a lead hook to the body (if you are fighting from orthodox stance - that's a liver shot)

    • While rotating with the hook, your back foot catches up with the step you made with your front foot

    • As you bring back the leading hand, rotate again to load up for the uppercut

Body Lead Uppercut | 5B

  • When throwing a lead uppercut to the body:

    • Feet should be planted on the ground as you rotate with the uppercut

  • Reset to your stance

Here the focus should be on the hook and the uppercut. Make your opponent lean over to protect the liver and then catch their chin with the uppercut.

So there you have some of the best Lead Cross 3-punch combos in boxing. As always, make sure to put your theoretical knowledge to practice and train your newly acquired skills while shadowboxing, hitting the heavy bag, sparring, and mitt work training.

See you in the third and final part of this series!

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Nikolay Tsenkov is a dad, husband, entrepreneur, and boxing aficionado. He has trained alongside national and European champions and professional boxers. He is an avid student of boxing, but enjoys all martial arts.

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