4 Seasons = 4 Ways To Spice Up Your Fitness Routine

How To Change Up Your Boxing Routine Each Season

Our guide to winter, spring, summer, & fall boxing and kickboxing training. Tips to help you stay in fighting shape all year round no matter the weather.

Published: April 24, 2022

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Author: Mollie McGurk

With the coming of each season, it's only natural to find yourself itching to change up your fitness routine. Maybe it's the shifting weather, your favorite holiday, or the beginning of swimsuit season. Regardless of the season or reason, every three months we are given the opportunity to shift gears and embrace change. When it comes to fitness, some methods of training tend to shine during one season versus another, but boxing and kickboxing include so many varied workouts that it’s easy to stay in amazing shape year-round while also spicing up your training before your workouts get stale.

We’re giving you some general ideas for different approaches and workouts you can focus on for your training each season. Remember, these are just season-appropriate suggestions. With an at-home boxing training program, you get to choose how you train. Listen to your body, set your personal goals, and switch up your routine with the weather, season, or however and whenever you like!

How To Get Seasonally Fit For Boxing


Flo Master doing a stability ball exercise

Depending on where you live, winter can mean reduced daylight, frigid temperatures, and dangerous weather conditions. Even in warmer climates, there is a natural inclination to slow down and take shelter during the winter months. When it’s time to retreat indoors, consider honing your fitness focus in these areas:

Strength & Conditioning

Fighters incorporate strength and conditioning exercises year-round, but winter is ideal for making it a focal point. Weight training is a go-to for many boxers, and stability ball exercises are great for conditioning and balance. No equipment is needed for metabolic resistance training that works compound muscle groups using your own bodyweight.


Form and technique are the foundation of all boxing training. Winter is a perfect time to practice shadowboxing drills and refresh your memory on the basic punches, kicks, and combinations to improve your skills.

Heavy Bag Drills

Though punching bag drills are essential throughout the year, winter can really underscore how important it is to hit the bag as often as possible. Seasonal depression is very real for many people. Exercise is proven to alleviate depression, and boxing tends to have a particularly therapeutic effect for anyone in need of an outlet. Unleash your frustration on the heavy bag!


Coach PJ doing roadwork drills

After a long, dark winter, spring is one of the most highly anticipated seasons. The spring training season for athletes is known for its intensity. After being cooped up for months, it’s natural to feel a sudden burst of energy. Harness your excitement by adding these drills to your routine:


Running is excellent for building endurance and enjoying the spring weather. For those who can’t stand the idea of a long-distance jog, remember that boxing roadwork goes far beyond just running. You can try different roadwork drills each training day to keep your routine fun and fresh.

Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises are aerobic movements that use explosive power to build strength and stamina, which translates to more power with each punch or kick. Incorporate plyometrics by leveling up your push-up game, or adding exercises like box jumps and squat jumps.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT workouts challenge you to push past your comfort zone. High-intensity interval training incorporates short bursts of maximum effort with intermittent periods of rest, making HIIT a time-saving, calorie-blasting powerhouse. Try a HIIT kickboxing workout to really get your heart pumping.


Shanie Smash Stretching At The Beach

The summer months are a time for staying outside and socializing, but they can also mean hot, humid spells with hours of punishing sun. On especially scorching days, be mindful of when you exercise outdoors (morning or evening are best) and always stay hydrated. Incorporate these summer training ideas and enjoy some safe fun in the sun:

Partner Drills

Summer is a great time to grab a friend and try out some partner drills. There’s a lot of different directions you can go depending on what you want to focus on, including partner footwork, defensive blocking, mitt work to really sharpen your accuracy and timing, or even sparring if you’re both ready. Have fun with it!

Ice Baths

After an intense boxing or kickboxing workout or week of training, let your muscles recover in an ice bath. Cold exposure can help your recovery and conditioning by reducing inflammation in the body, enhancing your training performance, and even boosting your mood.

Stretching & Yoga

Who doesn’t want to relax with some stretching and yoga in the sun? Static and dynamic stretching are important for warming up and cooling down, but they also improve flexibility and balance. Yoga takes this a step further with the added benefits of toning your body, regulating your breathing, and calming your mind.


Aaron Swenson doing agility ladder drills

As summer wanes and the days shorten, we start to feel the steady slower pace of the approaching winter. Fall fitness can be one of the most enjoyable seasonal cycles of the year as outdoor spaces empty out and the air becomes crisp and refreshing. Add these fall workouts to make the most of this transitional time of year:

Footwork Drills

As the crowds clear out from the parks and beaches, you can let your creativity flow with a variety of fun footwork drills. Try some new jump rope tricks or set up an agility ladder to work on your speed and coordination.


Anytime the weather cools off is a great time to up the intensity of your outdoor workouts. Since HIIT can be adapted to almost any workout, you always have options to mix up your HIIT training. Get the whole family involved in the fun with a HIIT family workout.


Yes, dance is great for boxing training. Dance improves balance, coordination, and timing, all critical assets in boxing and kickboxing. Fall ushers in the holiday season, so why not get ready to celebrate? FightCamp Trainer Flo Master taps into his background in dance to improve his fighting skills.

Seasons Change & So Do We

Seasonal fitness holds many benefits for your mind, body, and training. Boxing and kickboxing training are known for their variety, so changing up your routine is easy. With everything from roadwork drills to yoga, you can choose what elements you want to pursue.

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Mollie McGurk

Mollie McGurk is a writer and has trained in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and HIIT for over 10 years. She has also studied personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) program.

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