FightCamp Trainer Spotlight: Aaron Swenson

FightCamp Trainer Spotlight: Aaron Swenson

He’s passing along his boxing expertise and positive attitude to the world. FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson wants you to unleash your inner fighter.

Published: March 10, 2022

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Author: Aaron Swenson

Like Father Like Son

Aaron Swenson as a child

Aaron Swenson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His parents were divorced and he split his time up between his mother and his father. His dad, who happened to be a martial artist and former boxer, raised Aaron to be a fighter, and Aaron grew up with that passion. He learned to box and kickbox as soon as he could walk. The father and son duo would both compete in their respective divisions on a routine basis. Aaron’s father was truly his first greatest influence and role model, but something was about to change.

As Aaron grew older and became a young adolescent, he started to go through a rebellious phase. Around the age of 12 or 13, he decided he no longer wanted to be like his dad. He stepped away from martial arts, and fell in love with skateboarding and basketball. Around that time he also discovered weed and alcohol. Which led to a tumultuous time in his life. Years went by without having done any martial arts, and one day Aaron’s father convinced him to check out a gym near his community college. It had been almost six years since Aaron had trained or competed in the ring…

Finding His True Calling

Fighter Aaron Swenson

Aaron's first day back in a boxing gym, since he was in jr. high, was a day that would forever change him. A coach at the gym told Aaron to pad-up for a sparring match. After a few rounds of sparring, Aaron was struck with a body shot that did more than just drop him. That shot invigorated him and made him feel alive. More than anything, Aaron really looked up to his coach, and he wanted to be just like him. That session would go on to change the trajectory of his life. He decided that moving forward, he would commit his life to learning the craft of boxing and pass these skills on to others. His partying days were over, and all of his effort would be put into being a great fighter and an even better boxing trainer and instructor.

Aaron’s newfound passion was to one day own a gym, and make it special. He felt that the best way to achieve this goal was to move to California. The road there was not an easy one, with working multiple jobs and training clients on the side to save enough money to make the move. He doubled down and committed to fighting and teaching full-time and eventually, his hard work paid off to make his dream a reality.

Helping Find The Inner Fighter In Everyone

FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson

“Through fighting I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned what it's like to deal with pressure. What it's like to get out of your comfort zone and to get comfortable being uncomfortable,” and that truly is something Aaron lives by, and for him, that mantra helps him to take on each day. Aaron attributes his successful career to this attitude and the discipline that boxing has instilled in him. “It means a lot that I get to share my experiences and potentially inspire one person to pursue something that they love, and get out of their comfort zone, and bring out their fighter within (themselves) ... we all have it, we’re all fighting for something.” Your FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson!

It's Your Turn

Are you feeling that inner fire to fight? Even if you’re not ready or looking to compete in the boxing ring, you can still bring out your inner powerhouse with Aaron and the other FightCamp Trainers. Get access to hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, and stretching workouts that will push you mentally and physically. Download the FREE FightCamp App and train with real fighters from the comfort of your own home.

Aaron Swenson

Aaron “Speedy” Swenson began in his family’s Chicago dojo. By 2013, Aaron had two National Kickboxing titles & a USA National Kickboxing Team spot. Aaron is a Founding Coach at FightCamp & USA Boxing Coach certified.

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