Fireworks & HIIT: 4th of July Weekend Workout For Boxers

Fireworks & HIIT: 4th of July Weekend Workout For Boxers

Bring on the heat--and those sparklers! It’s time for a Fourth of July HIIT workout! Get in a sweat session before hitting the pool and weekend barbecues.

Published: July 2, 2021

Topics: Strength & Conditioning, Training

Author: Sarah Pitman

Let’s be honest--who doesn’t love fireworks, parades, barbecues, and summer fun? Oh, and of course celebrating our nation’s independence! It’s the Fourth of July! So why not bust out some music, and grab some friends and family and fit in a fun, HIIT workout before diving into the pool!

What Is HIIT?

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is used by athletes of all levels, especially boxers - from beginners to pros. The idea behind it is simple: cycle through intervals of high-intensity work, followed by short periods of low-intensity exercise or rest. The key effect is that you engage mostly in your anaerobic metabolic system, but for a longer period of time. HIIT workouts are usually shorter than typical longer, sustained activity training, and in 5-20 minutes, you can fit in an effective boxing workout.

Boxers often incorporate HIIT workouts into their conditioning routines and training regimens to build endurance and improve power. Several FightCamp workouts include HIIT exercises accompanying the classic boxing combo rounds.

The Workout

In this workout, we will go through 4 rounds, each with 4 exercises. We’ll perform each exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest, with 30 seconds of rest between rounds.

You won’t need any equipment for this workout as all of the exercises use just your bodyweight. This routine can be performed anywhere: at home, in your hotel room, or better yet, outside! Start your Fourth of July weekend off right with this heart-pumping boxer HIIT circuit!


Spend 5 to 15 minutes to get your body warmed up and ready to work. No boxer should ever skip a warm-up, especially before a HIIT workout. A proper warm-up will increase your heart rate and prepare your muscles and joints for movement and help prevent injury.

Here is a great warm-up video with FightCamp Trainer Shanie 'Smash' for pre-workout dynamic stretching.

HIIT Drills

Jumping Jacks (20 seconds)

  • Start standing upright with your legs together and your arms at your sides

  • Hop up in the air and spread your legs out to the sides while stretching your arms overhead

  • Jump back to your starting position with your feet back together and arms at your sides

  • Repeat for 20 seconds

Rest (10 seconds)

Burpees (20 seconds)

Flo Master Doing Burpees
  • Start in a standing position, with your feet about shoulder-width apart

  • Squat down and place your hands on the ground

  • Jump your legs back, extending your body, and landing on your toes in a plank position

  • Do a push-up

    • If a regular push-up is too hard, you can move to your knees

  • Jump your feet back up towards your hands

  • Stand up and jump in the air, extending your hands up to the sky

  • Land softly back down and repeat for 20 seconds

Rest (10 seconds)

Lunges (20 seconds)

PJ Shirdan Doing Lunges
  • Start in a standing position, with your feet a few inches apart

  • Lunge forward with your left foot until your knee is at a 90-degree angle, making sure that your knee does not extend past your left toes

  • Your right knee will also be at a 90-degree angle as it gets close to or touches the ground

  • Push back up and bring your right foot up to meet your left

  • Repeat with your right foot first

  • Continue, alternating legs for 20 seconds

Rest (10 seconds)

Push-Ups (20 seconds)

Tommy Duquette Doing Push Ups
  • Start in a high-plank/push-up position

  • Lower your body down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle

  • Push yourself back up

  • Repeat for 20 seconds

If you can't do a full push-up, that's fine! Start on your knees instead of on your toes.

Rest (30 seconds)

This is 1 round/set. Repeat the round 3 more times.


Finishing your workout with a cool-down routine helps you bring your heart rate down gradually and stretch your muscles. This will help prevent injury and allow you to focus on breathing.

Be sure to incorporate some static stretching in your cool down as well so that your muscles can stay loose as you ease back into your day.

Aaron Swenson Stretching In Downward Dog

HIIT-style workouts are great when you’re limited on time, and most don’t require any equipment, so they’re perfect for on-the-go and holiday weekend boxing training when you may be away from home.

But now, it’s time to celebrate--fire up those grills and bring on the Independence Day celebration! Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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