How A Fitness App Can Take Your Workouts To The Max

How A Fitness App Can Take Your Workouts To The Max

The FightCamp App is changing up fitness routines, making them more convenient and exciting. See how this fitness app can get you out of your workout rut!

Published: July 4, 2022

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Author: Jeff Turbett

There are many benefits to consistent exercise, but sometimes it can feel monotonous. You rush to the gym, do the same workout, eat the same meals, and the results end up being the same – you’re stuck in a fitness rut. How do you break this cycle of eat, sleep, gym, repeat?

We stay connected to many things to make our lives easier. We ask a speaker to turn on music for us, and we use auto-purchasing features to replenish our everyday household items. So it would only make sense that we would want an easier way to stay in shape. Enter connected fitness. On-demand fitness classes offer some of the best ways to change up your current workout plan. They can help you push past a current plateau and give you the opportunity to mix things up. Here are our top reasons to take your next fitness class on an app.

1. Accountable Community

An accountable fitness community

If you constantly find yourself failing to follow through on your New Years' fitness resolutions, stuck doing the same workouts, or stopping exercising all together every two months, it could be that you are missing an important piece of your fitness routine: a fitness community.

A recent study looked at individual studies over a 20-year span and found that individuals who joined a community-based exercise program were 70% more likely to be adherent to long-term fitness. These communities help foster strong friendships with like-minded individuals you can rely on. Over time, as you build upon these friendships, that fitness community often creates an extra layer of accountability and motivation. This personal level of accountability helps you establish consistency, and consistency is the key to long-term wellness success.

2. Motivation & Friendly Competition

Workout motivation & friendly competition

Another key reason why some people find themselves stalling with their exercise routine is that they have no one there to push them. Most people will never push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Only once we learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable does real change occur.

Friendly competition and leaderboards are some of the best ways to challenge your true limits and potential while working out. With a fitness app like FightCamp, you can work out from the comfort of your own home, while still competing against individuals from across the globe or yourself.

Thanks to FightCamp’s punch tracking technology, you can see the effort you're putting in in real-time. See someone score a higher punch count during a particular workout? Time to step it up and overtake them on the leaderboard. Before you know it, you will find yourself pushing your limits much further than you ever would have on your own.

By utilizing some friendly competition, we sometimes find ourselves working towards another’s fitness level and drive. Competition makes us want to work out harder or be better than we were before, giving us that extra urge to push ourselves.

3. Professional Instructors

FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson

An important aspect of working out is ensuring that what you are doing is actually beneficial to you and your health goals. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re executing movements correctly when you are working out by yourself, especially if you are a newbie.

By taking an on-demand fitness class at home, like those offered through FightCamp, you can be sure that what you are learning and doing is actually advantageous to you. You are taught by trainers with professional fight experience and knowledge. This is particularly important when learning combat sports like boxing and kickboxing.

4. No More Planning

No more planning your workouts

Another key factor why so many of us fail at exercising comes down to programming (or lack thereof). For those just getting into fitness, this can be a daunting task. Sure you can surf the web to find online programs, but knowing what and where to look can be a challenge as well.

Fitness apps take all the guesswork out of the equation. With tons of variety, you’ll never have to worry about planning the perfect workout again. All you have to do is open the app from wherever you are and put in the effort.

5. Fun

Fun Workouts

When taking an on-demand fitness class, it is almost impossible to not have fun. This is especially true when you have amazing instructors with unique personalities. Finding that one instructor who motivates you, or even better, inspires you to be better – now that’s a class worth taking!

Staying Connected While Changing Things Up

Working out doesn't have to be a repetitive task. Finding the right community can help break you out of your comfort zone while trying new ways to stay in shape. Let us help you change the way you work out and help you reach your fitness goals. Whether that's kicking a bag, shadowboxing, or stretching, we are here to see you WIN!

Train Like a Fighter

Take your workouts to the next level and train like a fighter with the at-home connected fitness solution used by world champion boxers Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. FightCamp has everything you need to work out on your schedule, with premium boxing equipment and hundreds of on-demand strength, conditioning, kickboxing, boxing, core, and recovery classes led by real fighters. As Mike Tyson said - “FightCamp is the next level of training!”

Jeff Turbett

Jeff Turbett has trained in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. He is a personal trainer and knows the importance of cross-training for combat sports. He’s also a contributor at BellaVita Fitness and Wellness online.

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