How To Do Jump Switch Lunges | Proper Technique

How To Do Jump Switch Lunges | Proper Technique

Bodyweight + plyometrics = jump switch lunges. The perfect exercise to take your boxing training, strength, and conditioning to the next level.

Published: October 6, 2022

Topics: Tips & Technique, Training

Author: Shanie "Smash" Rusth

Bodyweight exercises offer some of the best options that you can perform during your training. They enable you to level up your fitness even if you can’t get to a gym – no equipment required. Changing angles, tempo, sets, and reps can make even the easiest exercises seem increasingly challenging. A great lower body exercise to work on single-leg strength is the lunge. With it, you can improve your balance, coordination, leg strength, and explosiveness.

Now that's a ton of benefit in just one movement. But, how can you also make it metabolically efficient? Add in some form of plyometrics. Plyometrics are exercises that incorporate jump training to improve quickness and explosiveness – two aspects that are crucial for a boxer's success. Here we highlight one of our favorite bodyweight and plyometric exercises: the jump switch lunge.

Jump Switch Lunges

  • Start by stepping into a lunge position

    • Both of your knees should be at 90-degree angles

    • The knee of your lunge leg (forward leg) should not extend past your toe

  • Jump up and switch legs mid-air, landing with your opposite leg forward

  • Focus on landing as softly as possible

    • Your knee should be behind your toe as you land

  • Continue alternating jump lunges for the remainder of the set

Movement Key Points

Here are some key things to focus on when performing Jump Switch Lunges:

Knee over your ankle on your lead leg

  • While performing lunges, your lead leg knee should not go past your toe

Knee over ankle on lead leg

Legs (knees) should be bent at 90 degrees

Knees bent 90 degrees

Land softly

Land softly

Touch knees softly

  • When landing, your rear leg knee should gently “kiss” the ground

Touch knee softly

Focus on syncing your breaths with your reps to maximize power

  • Inhale as you land

  • Exhale as you rebound and jump upward

Sync your breath with reps

Pro Tip: Regardless if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re a seasoned vet, keeping proper form is imperative to prevent injury and get the most out of every exercise throughout your training session.

Breathing Pattern

  • Inhale as you land in your lunge

  • Exhale as you rebound and jump up

Muscles Used

  • Core

  • Quadriceps

  • Glutes

  • Hamstrings

  • Calves

  • Hip Flexors


  • Perform 5 sets

  • 10 alternating lunges, 5 repetitions on each side

  • Rest for 30 - 45 seconds between sets

Improved Athleticism In a Single Movement

By taking an already challenging exercise that works on strength, single-leg balance, and coordination, and then adding in a plyometric aspect that will improve metabolic conditioning and explosiveness, you have a movement that has everything you need to up your game.

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Shanie "Smash" Rusth

Shanie "Smash" Rusth is an undefeated pro MMA fighter, FightCamp Trainer, and mother of two. She began MMA in 2011 to get in shape and feel empowered after becoming a single mom. Shanie is USA Boxing Coach certified.

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