Roadwork Training For Boxers | 30 Minute Boxing Drill

Roadwork Training For Boxer’s | 30 Minute Boxing Drill

Boxing roadwork training isn’t just long-distance running. See why roadwork is important for boxers of all levels & build your endurance with this 30 min drill.

Published: October 13, 2021

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When people think of boxing roadwork, they often imagine professional boxers going out on a long distance jog. Roadwork is actually about so much more than just running, so if marathon training isn’t your thing, don’t shy away from boxing roadwork. Roadwork is an essential part of boxing training, and it can be fun!

Here we’ll take a look at what roadwork is and how to do roadwork for boxing. Plus, try a 30-minute boxing roadwork for beginners workout.

What Is Roadwork In Boxing?

Roadwork is training that is done on the road (or track) – and it goes far beyond just running or jogging. Roadwork is all about variety and incorporates a range of different exercises that can be designed to apply specifically to boxing.

Roadwork drills help to develop endurance, which is critical in being able to stay competitive through to the last round of a fight. Moreover, it’s a great addition to footwork training. Footwork drills are often incorporated into many boxing roadwork sessions.

Why Do Boxers Do Roadwork?

Boxers do roadwork to improve their skills in the ring. Roadwork increases stamina, improves footwork, and strengthens the heart. Regular roadwork training makes a huge difference in a fighter’s ability to combat exhaustion during an intense fight.

Even if you’re not preparing for a competition, boxing roadwork will allow you to train harder overall, pushing you to peak fitness.

How Often Do Boxers Do Roadwork?

Many boxers will do some form of roadwork as often as every day, depending on how intensely they are currently training. Since there is a lot of variety in roadwork drills, it is common to switch it up frequently. For example, a boxer might do a light long-distance jog one day followed by shorter speed drills the next.

Boxing roadwork distance varies depending on how much running or jogging the individual wants to do – but you don’t need a track or lengthy running route to be able to do boxing roadwork. You can start doing roadwork drills in your own driveway, or modify them completely by jogging in place in your home.

Roadwork is a necessary part of a comprehensive boxing training regimen. Starting a boxing roadwork program will improve your overall fitness and your boxing skills by increasing your endurance and improving your footwork. Roadwork for boxers can be a lot of fun because there are a variety of different drills that you can change and adapt to meet the intensity of your training.

The best way to get a feel for boxing roadwork is to try out a few basic drills. Check out this roadwork routine you can add to your boxing training.

30-Minute Boxing Roadwork Routine

Light Jog (10 minutes)

Start your roadwork session with a traditional jog for about 10 minutes to warm up your muscles. As you advance, you can start extending the length of this jog.

Backwards and Lateral Jogging (10 minutes)

Here you want to mix it up, practicing your footwork by jogging backwards and to the side.

  • Start by (carefully) running backwards about 50 feet

  • Stop and turn your whole body 90 degrees

  • Shuffle sideways back to the starting point

  • Stop, stay in the same position, and shuffle sideways in the other direction

  • Jog backwards again to the starting point and repeat for 10 minutes

Sprints (10 minutes)

You can use the same 50-foot stretch for this final roadwork drill – it may be helpful to set up markers such as cones.

  • Sprint at full speed from the starting point

  • Stop and touch the ground or marker with one hand

  • Quickly turn and sprint back to the starting point

  • Repeat as many times as you can for 10 minutes, jogging in between sprints if needed

Boxing roadwork goes beyond jogging, so even those who are not inclined to do long distance running can enjoy roadwork training. It is a very effective way to level up your endurance and improve footwork – two great assets in boxing. Remember to start slowly as you get a sense for your current fitness level and you will start to feel the results in no time at all!

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