Best Fitness Podcasts for Motivation

FightCamp - Best Fitness Podcasts for Motivation

Keeping fit, staying in the know, and motivated can help you reach your goals in no time. FightCamp is sharing our favorite fitness podcasts to keep you going!

Published: January 10, 2023

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Author: Jeff Turbett

Best Fitness Podcasts

Technology has come a long way since the first ever models of the radio. From the introduction of televisions to computers, and the technological boom of the internet, the primary method in which people are informed over pressing information and the news has certainly changed over the years.

One of the bright spots to come about the last few decades just so happens to be the podcast. While radio stations dominated the airwaves and how we consumed content, the podcast is the now popular new kid on the block. From DIY, cleaning, cars, sports, and politics, the harder question to ask is what topic doesn’t have its own form of a podcast?

Can You Workout to a Podcast?

One of the most popular topics of podcasts that are listened to are those surrounding fitness, health, and wellness. Listening to health and fitness podcasts while you work out is a great way to stay motivated. With so many out there nowadays, it's hard to choose the best podcasts for fitness motivation.

FightCamp - Best Fitness Podcasts for Motivation

FightCamp’s Top Fitness Podcasts

FightCamp compiled a list of some of our favorite health and fitness podcasts to help you through your fitness journey. Next time you have a long flight, are stuck doing steady state cardio, or are doing your daily commute, check out some of these fitness motivational podcasts!

Jillian Michaels Keeping It Real

The polarizing and never too shy to give her opinion, Jillian Michaels has come a long way since first exploding onto the scene of the hit weight loss TV series The Biggest Loser. Today, Jillian has her very own podcast where she has conversations with the world’s foremost experts in all fields of wellness. These interviews are inspirational, informative, and fun, and teach the listener how to make wellness a balanced lifestyle.

Huberman Lab

If you’re looking for the best podcast for fitness motivation, Huberman Lab is one to check out. Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist who teaches at Stanford University School of Medicine. While only launching his podcast in 2021, it has become an instant fan favorite and is often ranked in the top 25 globally, oftentimes the #1 podcast in the categories of health/fitness, education, and science. His episodes cover mostly science (especially neuroscience) and science-based tools for everyday living and how to truly maximize your health potential.

On Being with Krista Tippett

As the importance of mental health continues to grow, the On Being podcast has been asking the question of the meaning of life since 2003. With episodes covering and pursuing deep critical thinking, social courage, and joy, spiritual inquiry, to life altogether, they help shed light on the mysteries of human existence and as their website likes to put it, “animating questions at the center of human life: What does it mean to be human, and how do we want to live?"

Ben Greenfield Life

A former competitive bodybuilder and ex-Ironman triathlete, Ben Greenfield is an expert in all things fitness, holding double master’s degrees in sports science and exercise physiology, as well as being voted as America’s top personal trainer according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). His science-based approach episodes cover multiple topics like optimizing health and human performance and include interviews with industry-leading experts. From fitness, biohacking, nutrition, fat loss, and anti-aging, this podcast covers it all.

The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey

The inventor of Bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey is regarded by most as the “father of biohacking,” as he, himself, uses the latest technology, science, and formulas to help him achieve his goal of living to the age of 180. His expert guests are interviewed on how to “hack” different aspects of life and wellness to help people maximize their capabilities of the mind, body, and life, teaching them to live the life of an “upgraded human.”

Mind Pump Podcast

As they like to call it, the Mind Pump podcast offers the RAW fitness truth. With so much uncertainty online saying to follow this fitness influencer or that program, it can be hard to know what is a credible resource. The guys from Mind Pump take a deeper dive into wellness and “pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil, and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry.” With their combined 40 years of fitness experience, the guys debunk and provide the truth of fitness today.

Staying Fit & Motivated

FightCamp - Best Fitness Podcasts for Motivation

Regardless of which wellness or exercise podcast you decide to become addicted to, each one has its own little niche and offers nothing but the best knowledge to its listeners. Whether you need a little motivation to keep committed to your health goals, or simply want to seize the full potential of your life, these podcasts will keep ya wanting more.

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Jeff Turbett

Jeff Turbett has trained in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. He is a personal trainer and knows the importance of cross-training for combat sports. He’s also a contributor at BellaVita Fitness and Wellness online.

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