How to Stay Consistent During the Holidays: 10 Ways to Plan

FightCamp - How to Stay Consistent During the Holidays

Get ahead of your New Year’s fitness resolutions and start them now through the holiday season. We’re sharing 10 ways to help you plan and stay consistent.

Published: November 24, 2022

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Author: Marc Coronel

The holidays are here, which means family get-togethers and workplace end-of-the-year parties, to name a few. Besides the friendly interactions with people you love and know, these engagements happen around food. We know holiday food choices aren't traditionally the healthiest foods available. The last two and a half months of the year equal a higher caloric intake than usual. This article will share some solutions to stay consistent in your healthy lifestyle and enter 2023 sprinting while others are making promises they will likely not keep

"New year, new me" is a phrase shared by more people than you think. According to a market research company, OnePoll, 63% of people they surveyed plan to adopt the sentence above. Many people regard the end of the year as a way to indulge, with extra meals and desserts, since 42% of people surveyed are using the end of the year as an excuse to postpone eating healthy. Never mind that 24% of Americans still carry the weight they gained during last year's holiday season. Now consider that the average American respondent expects to gain 5.5  pounds by the end of 2022. When polling six countries, including the USA, these are statistics they came up with, and if you are reading this, you're in no way average. 

How Not to Be a Statistic 

You can be part of the people who keep it together, and often you'll find that the people who aren't part of the above statistics have more than just willpower; they have a plan. A 2018 study conducted by the British Medical Journal to prevent weight gain over the holiday period found that brief behavioral interventions such as planning and education prevented weight gain over the holiday period. So being informed, prepared, and having a plan will drastically change the outcome for anyone willing to focus on their health and wellness. 

10 Ways to Plan  

It's no mystery that every engagement you'll attend during the holiday season will be catered by extra calories waiting to go home with you. At the top of any holiday eating program, a plan is necessary. The following list is an example of ways to stay consistent. 

  • Eat healthy snacks with reduced fat in mind - Fresh fruit and low-calorie yogurt are better options than chips or chocolate. 

  • Slow down your eating and wait to re-up your meal too quickly - Aim for 21 total chews without your phone, laptop, or tv in front of you. Wait at least 20 minutes before going for your second plate, so your brain can register that you are satisfied

  • Stay hydrated - Focus on getting enough water, calorie-free drinks, and limiting alcohol intake. 

  • Eat your veggies - Aim to consume a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and vegetables. 

  • Remember your circulation - Stand up at least once an hour for 10 minutes. 

  • Stay regular - Get 30-35 grams of fiber daily. 

  • Just move - Aim for 10k steps daily or a minimum of a 30-minute FightCamp Workout.

  • Prepare before your party - Having a healthy snack or salad before eating out will curb some of your cravings and may help you not overeat.

  • Don't stress it - It's the season to be jolly, so don't let stress and anxiety find their way into your life. Meditate, listen to uplifting music, call a friend to catch up, or relax in a hot bath/shower. Set a daily timer for a stress break on your calendar, and take it.

  • Great minds think alike - When you're around like-minded people, you will be more successful at succeeding. Stay in touch with your FightCamp Community to be different from the rest if you still need to. 

The Only Way to Get Ahead is to Stay Ahead

For the majority of people who seem to throw away their work ethic before the end of the year,  they will still be making New Year's resolutions. Because you're reading this, we at FightCamp already know you're not part of the average American reading this. The OnePoll survey showed that, on average, 54% of Americans would exercise more, 55% would eat healthier, and 49% would prioritize self-care starting January 1st, 2023. The only way to stay consistent is to promise yourself to stick to your initial plan. If you fell off or struggled to get going, let this be the sign to start or carry on. When everyone is waiting on New Year's Day to come around, you will already be on the move while they are starting from a dead stop. We can't wait for the greatness you will achieve in the coming year, starting today! 

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Marc Coronel

Marc Coronel is the Co-owner of Energia Fitness and an industry award-winning international consultant, educator, and presenter for people and fitness companies like TRX and Under Armour. He loves sharing knowledge.

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