Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy for Fitness Recovery

FightCamp - Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy

Looking for ways to physically recover from training or destress from everyday life? Shanie Smash is putting float tank therapy to the test to see if it works.

Published: January 26, 2023

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Author: Shanie "Smash" Rusth

There will always be a hot new fitness fad, a “secret” recovery trick only privy to professional athletes and celebrities. But at some point, the general public gains access to these resources, usually with little to no information beyond the fact that “Lebron James can’t survive without it” or a “Kardashian swears by it.” 

FightCamp Trainer & fitness recovery enthusiast, Shanie Smash, is here to lift the curtain and expose the what, why, and how behind sensory deprivation, and answer the question, “is it worth it?” so you can decide if it’s the right recovery method for you. 

What is Sensory Deprivation?

At its very essence, sensory deprivation, or float tank therapy, is a form of recovery method. During the process, you float in a pool of salt water while being in a soundproof tank. This creates a feeling of mindlessness during which the body has a hard time identifying that you’re floating. During this process your brain goes into theta brain waves activity, helping to reduce anxiety. The Epsom salt water also has great muscular recovery benefits, giving the body an overall great recovery session.

Sensory Deprivation Chamber Stats

  • Heated to 94 degrees 

    • Ensures you cannot feel the water, air, or your body

  • 1200lbs. of salt

    • Ensures each body is super buoyant and floats

  • Sanitization machines

    • 100% contaminant-free water

    • Water is filtered through micron filters

    • Nothing can survive such high levels of salt

Tip: To make the most of your float tank therapy session, try and find a clinic that also utilizes infrared saunas before float therapy, as your body better absorbs the Epsom salt, magnifying the effects of magnesium on your recovery progress

Who Would Benefit From Float Tank Therapy?

While there is no one set of persons who would benefit from sensory deprivation tanks, there are varying levels of individuals who like to use this on a regular basis.

  • High-level performing athletes

    • Bodybuilders

    • Crossfitters

    • Avid fitness enthusiasts

  • Geriatric individuals

    • Looking for joint pain relief

  • High-stressed work professionals

    • Relieves stress and makes work/life balance better

60-Minutes of Deprivation - Shanie’s Sound Bites

  • “Whoa. Oh my gosh, this is the craziest sensation!”

  • “I just got in the water and my body, dramatic pause, came all the way to the top.”

  • “This is crazy…I have lost all of my sensations!”

  • “I can't tell what is up and what is down.”

  • “It feels like I am floating on a pillow. This is really relaxing.”

Float Tank Therapy - Smash or Pass?

If you're looking for a great way to recover, get some alone time, relax, meditate or all of the above, a float tank is highly recommended. Shanie SMASH approved!

For Shanie, the time passed very quickly, seemingly as if it wasn't even an hour long. During her session, she was able to sort of just, “float away,” which is not an easy task for her to accomplish, especially as she feels as though she always has 10 million things on her mind. Overall, Shanie would highly recommend float tanks for those looking for and who love alone time, such as parents. 

"You really get to succumb to the darkness, and it's just you in there. This is 100% something I could see myself implementing into my recovery, this is something I don't take lightly."

- Shanie Smash

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Shanie "Smash" Rusth

Shanie "Smash" Rusth is an undefeated pro MMA fighter, FightCamp Trainer, and mother of two. She began MMA in 2011 to get in shape and feel empowered after becoming a single mom. Shanie is USA Boxing Coach certified.

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