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How To Strengthen Your Wrists For Boxing

Every boxer needs to keep their wrists strong and flexible. Adding a few simple wrist exercises can help you avoid injury and achieve a more powerful punch.

Why You Should Start Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing is an excellent full-body workout that tones muscles, knocks out stress, and ramps up your boxing game. Plus, you don’t need equipment!

How To Use a Jab In Boxing

The JAB is a versatile and powerful boxing punch. Learn how to strategically use it in a fight or on the bag with these SIX (6) techniques.

6 Tips To Throw The Perfect Jab

Improve the power, speed, and technique of your BOXING JAB with these 6 tips. Follow along with FightCamp trainer Tommy Duquette to perfect your form.

The 3 Types of Kicks In Kickboxing

The three (3) types of kicks in kickboxing are the lead kick, the rear kick and the hook kick. Combine them with punch combos for a full body workout at home!

The Ultimate Guide To Boxing Stances

Looking for a comfortable yet powerful boxing stance to train in? We’ve got you covered! Check out our detailed guide on boxing stances.

How Do Boxers Train For a Fight?

Looking to train for your next BOXING fight? Boxers incorporate running, HIIT, strength training, conditioning work and boxing drills to get in fighting shape.

Best Punching (Boxing) Techniques to Get You to Your Full Potential

Boxing experts weigh in on basic punching techniques & how to throw a strong, powerful punch (jab, cross, hook). Learn how to punch using your body & arms.

How Can a Beginner Start Boxing at Home?

Ready to start boxing at home? Here’s how you can begin boxercising...

5 Basic Boxing Techniques to Learn at Home During Quarantine (No Gym Needed)

How to Train Like a Boxer 🥊 (COMPLETE BEGINNER'S GUIDE)