7 Male Celebrities Who Love To Box

With the ever-rising popularity of social media celebrities are showing every aspect of their personal lives. Much of our favorite content from actors, athletes, singers, and comedians are health and fitness-related, especially during the pandemic. Whether they are posting their fitness routine to get into shape for an upcoming film or just showing off their aspirational physiques, we’re constantly fascinated by how celebs stay in shape year round--and anxious to test out their tips and favorite workouts.

Let’s look at some of our favorite male celebrities who choose boxing for their workouts.

7 Male Celebrities Who Box

1. Actor: Jason Momoa - Aquaman, Game of Thrones

Jason Mamoa BoxingImage Credit: Instagram @prideofgypsies

If Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, were a real human, he would probably choose boxing to stay in superhero shape, besides swimming, obviously. In real life, when Jason Momoa, who currently dons the aqua suit, is taking on the role of Arthur he boxes to get in villain fighting shape. Jason, who is notorious for having a love-hate relationship with workouts, knows how important boxing training is for his physically demanding, action-packed, fight-choreographed movies and wants his characters to look as toned and strong during those fight scenes as possible. He recently shared a clip on his Instagram showing his boxing training.

2. Host/Actor: Mario Lopez - Access Hollywood, Saved By The Bell

Mario Lopez BoxingImage Credit: Instagram @mariolopez

TV/radio host and actor Mario Lopez has mentioned in interviews that he loves everything about boxing, from watching fights to sparring and training. He includes boxing into his workout regimen to stay in shape but, boxing has been something he has done since his youth. He uses boxing as an outlet for him to relieve stress and keep him balanced from his busy showbiz schedule.

3. Actor: Jonah Hill - The Wolf of Wall Street, Moneyball

Jonah Hill BoxingImage Credit: Robert Kamau / Getty Images

Early in his career when he first broke into acting, Jonah Hill was known for a few things: being very funny and being on the heavier side. Then one day, Jonah decided to get in fighting shape. One of the things that he credits for his successful weight loss transformation is his boxing workouts. He is regularly spotted boxing at Gotham Gym in New York City.

4. Actor: Sylvester Stallone - Rocky, Rambo

Sylvester Stallone BoxingImage Credit: Instagram @officialslystallone

Could there be a more obvious male actor who has used boxing to stay in fighting shape their entire movie career other than the legend himself, Sylvester Stallone? Arguably one of the best boxing movies of all-time to really bring boxing to the silver screen would be Rocky, and Sly was the perfect actor to portray that role. Having spent numerous hours doing boxing training for his roles, still to this day at age 75, Stallone is still known to hit the heavy bag to maintain his cardio and physique.

5. Singer: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber BoxingImage Credit: Instagram @justinbieber

One of the biggest names in music today is Justin Bieber. Having international fame has some perks--like being acquaintances with other famous names, such as undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Bieber has been known to take boxing lessons from the Moneyman himself from time to time. Boxing is one of the best cardio workouts, and what could be a better way than boxing to help Justin stay in shape for all of his performances and music tours?

6. Singer: Usher

Usher & Flo Master Boxing TrainingImage Credit: Instagram @flomaster73

Usher Raymond IV, better known as Usher, is another internationally known musician who is actually less-known for his role in the boxing movie, Hands of Stone, where he portrays the legendary boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard. For that role, Usher trained boxing three times daily, as well as practiced sparring with both professional and amateur boxers in the evenings. [FightCamp Trainer Flo Master also trained Usher for this film!]

7. Comedian/Actor: Kevin Hart - Jumanji, Ride Along

Kevin Hart BoxingImage Credit: Instagram @kevinhart4real

The funnyman and now budding leading man Kevin Hart credits a lot of his success to his regimen and commitment to fitness. The man who uses the hashtag #healthiswealth on a lot of his fitness posts, can be seen posting boxing content across his social media channels. He even had a friendly exhibition match against World Series of Poker player Antonio Esfandiari.

The list of male celebrities who regularly use boxing as part of their training workouts goes on and on. These seven male celebrities who box, whether to get in fighting shape for movie roles, to maintain their physiques and cardio for health and wellness, or to physically transform their overall image and slim down, all agree that boxing is one of the best workouts that you can add to your repertoire.

Even if you’re not making your big screen debut, if you want to get in fighting shape like some of your favorite famous celebrities, get started with FightCamp today. For an endless stream of at-home boxing and kickboxing training, check out our YouTube Channel, Blog, and App.

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