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Get #ShanieSmashed: 7-Day Full-Body Strength Workout

Join FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash for this 7-day FULL-BODY strength workout. Get in cardio and build endurance with a strength session and boxing workout!

15-Minute New Year Beginner Boxing Workout [No Equipment Needed]

Try this 15-MINUTE BOXING workout for beginners that will help you jumpstart your 2021 New Year’s resolution and get in shape!

Easy New Year’s Boxing Workout For Beginners

Is getting into shape one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Jump into 2021 with this EASY New Year’s beginner boxing workout you can do at home in under 15 minutes!

3 Glute-Strengthening Exercises For Boxing (No Equipment Needed)

Use these THREE strength-building workouts to get powerful GLUTES and amplify your boxing training.

How To Jump Rope Like a Boxer For Beginners

Learn how to improve your boxing training & footwork. FightCamp trainer Tommy Duquette shows you how to JUMP ROPE like a boxer with these three (3) steps.

Boxing Footwork Drills For Beginners

Footwork is the cornerstone of effective boxing training. Getting comfortable with proper stance and foot movement is key to advancing your boxing skills.

3 Exercises To Increase Punching Power - No Equipment Needed

Looking to increase your punching power? Here are THREE (3) simple drills to use in your boxing training to develop punching power.

Boxing Workouts For Beginners With Bag

Looking to up your boxing game with a punching bag? Here are (3) three boxing workouts for beginners with a bag that will get you in shape in no time!

THREE Beginner At-Home Boxing Drills To Train Like a Pro

Three (3) of the BEST BOXING DRILLS for beginners (and anybody) to do from home with no equipment.

Boxing Fitness At-Home Workout (No Equipment Needed)

15-Minute At-Home Boxing Fitness Workout (No Equipment Needed!)

15-Minute At-Home Boxing Workout To Fight Stress

Being stuck in quarantine can be stressful. This 15-minute boxing workout at home will help you to fight stress.

15-Minute At Home Boxing Workout (No Equipment Needed)

If you have only 15 minutes and want to fit in a killer at home boxing workout, THIS IS IT!

6 Boxing Drills That’ll Get You in Fighting Shape

In order to look like a fighter you have to train like one. Here are 6 BOXING DRILLS to do at home that'll get you in fighting shape fast.

Five (5) At Home Boxing Workouts for Beginners You Can Stream For FREE