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5-Minute Dynamic Warm-Up Routine

FightCamp’s Coach PJ leads you through a quick 7 exercise 5-minute dynamic warm-up routine to get you ready for your intense boxing or kickboxing workouts.

(8) BEST Arm Toning Exercises For Summer

What's the secret to TONED ARMS FAST? Try these 8 strength training exercises and your arms will be tank top ready in time for summer!

Coach PJ’s #DadBod Workout

Will Smith isn’t the only one ready to ditch the #dadbod this Father’s Day. FightCamp’s Coach PJ shares his #DadBod Workout & tips for staying in shape as a dad.

Boxing Fitness At-Home Workout (No Equipment Needed)

Work those punch combination skills with this 15-minute, 4 round boxing workout. No equipment is needed to get your sweat on for this routine!

15-Minute At-Home Boxing Workout To Fight Stress

Keep the stresses of life in balance with this at-home boxing workout. 15 minutes is all you need to help you relieve stress and improve your wellbeing.

6-Pack Abs In 10 Minutes: Core Workout

All boxers need a strong core to power their punches. This 10-minute core workout will focus on abs, and in time, give you that six-pack!

Staying Fit This Memorial Day Weekend | 3-Day Workout Plan

This Memorial Day Weekend, stay in shape while traveling or at home, and start your summer exercise routine with this 3-day boxing and bodyweight workout plan!

9 BEST Upper Body Mobility Stretches For Peak Performance

Want to boost your training and workout recovery? Try these upper body stretches designed to improve mobility, performance, and prevent injury.

Dynamic & Static Neck Stretches For Boxing/Kickboxing

Feeling tense post-workout? FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash has a neck stretching routine for boxing & kickboxing, including both dynamic and static stretches.

3 Month SUMMER Body Workout Plan For Women: Month 3

The final month of this 3 month workout plan will combine boxing, weight training, and kickboxing exercises to have you feeling your strongest for summer.

3 Month SUMMER Body Workout Plan For Women: Month 2

Month 2 of this 3 month summer workout plan will include a more intense boxing routine that will be sure to get your heart rate up and your muscles toned.

30-Minute Boxing HIIT Family Workout With Shanie SMASH

It’s time to get outside with your kids and get #ShanieSmashed! This 30-minute boxing HIIT workout is perfect for families--no boxing equipment needed.

3 Month Summer Body Workout Plan For Women: Month 1

Boxing training tones muscle, increases endurance, and gets you in fighting shape fast. If you want to get fit for summer, try this three (3) month workout plan.

Men’s At-Home Workout Routine To Get Ripped This Summer

Get your ideal summer body with this dynamic five-day exercise workout routine designed especially for men. Tone those muscles and get ripped fast!

15-Minute At Home Boxing Workout (No Equipment Needed)

If you have only 15 minutes and want to fit in a killer at home boxing workout, THIS IS IT!

6 Boxing Drills That’ll Get You in Fighting Shape

In order to look like a fighter you have to train like one. Here are 6 BOXING DRILLS to do at home that'll get you in fighting shape fast.

Five (5) At Home Boxing Workouts for Beginners You Can Stream For FREE

QUICK 15-Minute Summer Workout Routine

Want to get in shape for the summer? FightCamp trainer Aaron Swenson takes you through a quick 15-minute summertime workout for when you’re on-the-go!

7-Day High Intensity Calorie Burning Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash for 7 days of high intensity calorie burning exercises that will get your heart pumping and will have you feeling the BURN.

7-Day Conditioning and Recovery Challenge Workout Program

Make the most of your conditioning training and your recovery with this challenge from FightCamp trainer Coach PJ, featuring 2-3 workouts, 5 days of training, and 2 days of rest.

Hit The Pavement--Roadwork For Boxing

Boxing roadwork can be intimidating if you don’t like running. Here’s why roadwork is great for boxers of all levels, and try a quick and fun 30-minute drill.

30-Minute Intense Punching Bag Workout

This 30-minute at-home heavy bag workout features a warm-up, 3 intense heavy bag drills, and a cool down that will take your boxing training to the next level.

7-Day Quick Lunchtime Sweat Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Tommy Duquette for 7 days of quick workouts, perfect to fit into your lunch break! Get a full body boxing workout in under 30 minutes!

8-Minute Cool Down Static Stretching Routine For Boxing

Quick 8-minute static stretching routine to relax your boxing muscles after a workout. Exercises such as the chest pull, shoulder pull, leg over knee, & more.

7-Day Intense Lower Body Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Flo Master (a.k.a. Legs Almighty) for 7 days of lower body workouts. Build strong legs to power boxing punches & amplify your training.

3-Round Heavy Bag Boxing Workout For Beginners

Amp up your boxing training with this 3-ROUND HEAVY BAG boxing workout. Focus on building strength and increasing your muscular power and endurance.

4 Defensive Blocking Drills For Boxing

Defensive drills are the best way to learn defensive blocking techniques. Here are four (4) great DEFENSIVE DRILLS FOR BOXING to level up your blocking skills.

How To Increase Punching Speed: Boxing Tips and Exercises

Use these 3 (THREE) tips and exercises to improve your PUNCHING SPEED and generate faster strikes today.

Boxing Footwork Drills For Defense and Sparring

Footwork is key to improving coordination, defense, and winning a fight. These two (2) boxing partner drills are excellent for improving your boxing footwork.

Boxing Movement and Footwork Training: Slip Rope Drill

Use this simple, yet effective SLIP ROPE DRILL to train your defensive boxing movements, practice your SLIP AND ROLL, and improve your coordination.

7-Day Boxing Technique and Focus Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash for this 7-day workout program focusing on BOXING TECHNIQUE and SKILLS. Work on building focus and refining your technique with these intermediate workouts!

Boxing Movement and Footwork Training: Tennis Ball Drill

With a tennis ball, a wall & a partner, take your boxing training to the next level. Work on BOXING FOOTWORK and coordination in this tennis ball wall drill.

7-Day Intense Conditioning Training Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer PJ for 7 days of intense conditioning training. Focus on building stamina, speed, and skill to maximize your boxing workouts.

3-Round Beginner Boxing Workout [For Men]

This 3-round at-home BOXING WORKOUT FOR MEN will get you into shape and have you breaking a sweat today--in just 20 minutes!

BEST 20-Minute Beginner Boxing Workout for Women

Boxing is incredibly empowering for females as it builds strength and confidence. Try this 20 minute beginner boxing workout for women and feel stronger today!

7-Day High Intensity Cardio Training Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Tommy Duquette for 7 days of high intensity cardio training. Build cardio endurance & boost your energy for peak athletic performance.

20-Minute At-Home Partner Boxing Workout

Partner boxing workouts are a great way for couples and friends to improve their boxing skills. Here’s a 20 minute partner boxing workout suited to all levels.

30-Minute At-Home Boxing Workout For Beginners

Break a sweat at home with this 30-minute BEGINNER BOXING WORKOUT, including boxing punch combinations, HIIT conditioning, and stretching.

7-Day Boxing Combos and Switch Stance Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Flo Master for 7 days of tricky boxing combos and switch stance training. Boost brain power and mental focus as you practice and train.

At-Home Heavyweight Boxer Workout For Beginners

Do you want to train like a heavyweight boxer? Challenge yourself with this BEGINNER HEAVYWEIGHT BOXER workout: stretching, cardio. weightlifting, and agility.

7-Day Muscle Building Workout Program

Join FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson for this 7-day POWER BUILDING workout. Build muscle so you can PUNCH HARDER, FASTER, and STRONGER in your boxing workouts!

5 Garage Gym Workout Drills For Full-Body Training

Here are FIVE (5) DRILLS to get in a full-body workout and get in shape in your at-home garage gym, including weight training exercises and boxing punch combos.

Get #ShanieSmashed: 7-Day Full-Body Strength Workout

Join FightCamp Trainer Shanie Smash for this 7-day FULL-BODY strength workout. Get in cardio and build endurance with a strength session and boxing workout!

15-Minute New Year Beginner Boxing Workout [No Equipment Needed]

Try this 15-MINUTE BOXING workout for beginners that will help you jumpstart your 2021 New Year’s resolution and get in shape!

Easy New Year’s Boxing Workout For Beginners

Is getting into shape one of your New Year’s Resolutions? Jump into 2021 with this EASY New Year’s beginner boxing workout you can do at home in under 15 minutes!

3 Glute-Strengthening Exercises For Boxing (No Equipment Needed)

Use these THREE strength-building workouts to get powerful GLUTES and amplify your boxing training.

How To Jump Rope Like a Boxer For Beginners

Learn how to improve your boxing training & footwork. FightCamp trainer Tommy Duquette shows you how to JUMP ROPE like a boxer with these three (3) steps.

Boxing Footwork Drills For Beginners

Footwork is the cornerstone of effective boxing training. Getting comfortable with proper stance and foot movement is key to advancing your boxing skills.

3 Exercises To Increase Punching Power - No Equipment Needed

Looking to increase your punching power? Here are THREE (3) simple drills to use in your boxing training to develop punching power.

Boxing Workouts For Beginners w/ Punching (Heavy) Bag

Looking to up your boxing game with a punching bag? Here are (3) three boxing workouts for beginners with a heavy bag that will get you in shape in no time!