3-Round Heavy Bag Boxing Workout For Beginners

You’re ready to start your at-home boxing training, but you need some tips and guidance on how to train, some workout motivation, and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we will introduce you to heavy bag training and give you a 3-round heavy bag boxing workout.

Boxing training with a heavy bag is key to building strength and increasing power. For beginners, it can be difficult to figure out how to train using a heavy bag, from the equipment you need to how to get started. Before jumping into this heavy bag workout, you can learn about heavy bag boxing training here.

3-Round Heavy Bag Boxing Workout

Working out on a heavy bag is slightly different than a standard punching bag. Since heavy bags are beneficial to train striking power, most combinations are only around three to four strikes. Additionally, heavy bag workouts can be shorter than typical boxing workouts. Keep this in mind when you are starting out as you don’t want to fatigue your muscles.

For a beginner heavy bag workout, you’ll need a heavy bag, gloves, and wrist wraps. Make sure you have space around your bag to move.

Here is a 3-round heavy bag workout that incorporates power strikes. Be sure to warm up and cool down before starting. You can also add these rounds into your usual boxing training workout for more strength and endurance.

Round 1: Jab - Cross - Lead Body Shot - Rear Body Shot (30 seconds)

  • From your boxing stance, throw a jab and add a little more power than normal
  • Immediately throw a power cross following the jab
  • Follow up with two consecutive body shots back to back - aiming between where a hook and uppercut would land

Round 2: Lead Hook - Rear Hook - Cross - Rear Body Shot (30 seconds)

  • From your stance, throw a lead hook followed immediately by a rear hook
  • Quickly launch a power cross from your guard and a rear body shot with the same hand

Round 3: Power Uppercuts (30 seconds)

  • Throw consecutive uppercuts, focusing on power rather than speed

Repeat these rounds as many times as you wish, or incorporate them into your normal boxing workout for an added challenge.

Heavy bag training for beginners is tiring. The increased weight of the bag will test your muscular endurance and tire your muscles out faster than shadowboxing or training using a standard punching bag. Start slow and increase your power, as well as endurance, over time.

You’ll start to see the benefits of heavy bag training after just a few workouts. You will build strength and muscular endurance. For more heavy bag workouts, check out our workout library and our YouTube channel.

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