FightCamp App Update: The Prospect Path 2.0

Looking to follow a workout program all laid out for you, while learning or improving your boxing skills? Meet the Prospect Path 2.0.

The Prospect Path is perfect for those coming in with little to no boxing experience, or those that are just looking to get back into the swing of things. It will teach you proper technique by taking you from the basics of boxing to intense punch combinations, and it will get you in shape by starting with 4 rounders and gradually increasing to 8 rounders.

The Prospect Path 2.0 tracks your progress through this journey by showing you how close you are to the end, as well as the number of rounds completed and number of punches thrown. You won't have to think about what workout to do next.

Have you ever asked yourself: who exactly are the FightCamp trainers? Well now is your chance to get to know your favorite trainers on a personal level. Which trainer has children? What made them choose boxing? Who was a competitive fighter? The Prospect Path integrates new video content that answers all these questions. We know you love your trainers - now’s the chance to learn more about what makes them so special!

If you were previously doing the prospect path, don't worry; you haven’t lost your progress! Reach out to support at for the link to the previous version of the Path!

We hope the new Prospect Path is as much fun as it was for us to put together. Make sure to update your app and get started today!