FightCamp Update: Introducing the Activity Section

Introducing the Activity Section

Coming to the FightCamp app is indubitably the most requested feature since we’ve launched almost a year ago now. Ladies and gentlemen it’s with great pride that we now unveil our latest addition to the FightCamp app: The activity section.


Most of you already know that turning working out into a habit helps reaching the goals we set for ourselves. How many workouts a week to you need to get in in order to form a habit? That’s up to you, but the activity section will easily let you see your weekly hustle so you know if you’re keeping up or falling behind.

You now have a steady weekly pace you’re keeping that’s awesome. Next thing you’ll most likely want to know is are you actually getting better? Are you pushing yourself enough? That’s when the progression screen comes in handy. In a single view, you’ll know if you’re getting more rounds and more punches in week over week.

Finally, after taking part in FightCamp workouts for a few months, you’ll be amazed at the amount of effort you’ve put into FightCamp. The “Overall Stats” screen will summarize all of your work. You’ll be able to get a weekly average and a lifetime recap of all your stats. After a couple months, the numbers you’ll see there are sure to be something to brag about!

That’s a wrap folks! You are now up to date with everything new in the FightCamp app. We’ve got so much more stuff in the works for you. It’s only going to get better.

Keep fighting the good fight!