The Prospect Path: Learn How to Box and get in Great Shape

Tommy Duquette

Learn To Box and Get In Great Shape With FightCamp's Prospect Path

What’s up FightCamp! My name is Tommy and I am going to be your personal guide through the first several months of your FightCamp Journey. If you are coming into FightCamp with little to no boxing experience then don’t worry, this Prospect Path is perfect for you! By the end of this path, we’ll have you throwing off 12-punch combinations like a Rockstar!

A Little About Myself

I am one of FightCamp’s co-founders and I am also a former U.S. National Boxing Team member with over 130 fights and numerous regional and national titles under my belt. I started leading classes and training private clients at Boston Boxing over 15 years ago (at the age of 16) and did this all the way up until when I joined FightCamp’s founding team in 2015. It’s good to be back doing what I love!

About This Prospect Path

As you progress through this path, you will be guided step-by-step through the same lessons and boxing drills you would go through in your first several months at a top boxing gym. You will be taught how to properly throw all the basic punches, how to step and punch, how to slip, how to roll and how to put all these awesome moves together in a FightCamp workout.

In the boxing world, a prospect is a fighter who is on the come up and looking to prove themselves as a legitimate contender.  After completing this path you’ll become FightCamp’s equivalent of a rising prospect and you will be ready to jump into any of FightCamp’s growing list of Open and Intermediate workouts. You will also be ready for The Contender Path (coming soon).

The FightCamp Method

In the prospect path, we teach you basic boxing technique by combining our “Boxing Skills” tutorial videos with our “Boxing Base” workouts. Boxing Base Workouts are targeted practice sessions, heavily focused on drilling the new technique you learned in the preceding tutorial video. We also mix in several FightCamp workouts which are precisely curated to fit the stage you are at in your FightCamp Journey.

Boxing Skills

Watch these videos carefully, multiple times through. Set yourself up in front of a mirror and practice the technique VERY slowly. It is important to first be able to re-create the motions correctly in very slow-motion. You are literally wiring your brain for the first time when you are practicing this technique and if you program your brain incorrectly from the start, it becomes much more difficult re-program later. Repeat this process multiple times until you feel comfortable enough with the technique to jump into the accompanying Boxing Base workout.

Boxing Base Workouts

These are designed to help you re-enforce the skills you learned by having you leverage them in a faster-paced workout setting. Attention to form is still critically important at this stage so your trainer (myself) will reference form a lot more in these than in traditional FightCamp workouts. These workouts also include bodyweight exercises which help you strengthen certain muscles that are essential for building a strong boxing base. All the exercises and punching drills included in the Boxing Base workouts are taken directly from the curriculum I used for training beginners through the years. These methods are tried and tested and will yield positive results if followed diligently.

Curated FightCamp Workouts

These workouts have been selected because the programming fits with the stage you are at in the path. They will focus primarily on things you have already learned and will exclude things you haven’t learned yet.


Repetition is a core tenet of the FightCamp method. Once the student can perform the skill slowly, the student should repeat the movement as much as possible in order to build muscle memory. You will notice below that you are instructed to complete many of the Boxing Skill videos and Boxing Base workouts in this path a minimum of 2 times for this reason. In reality, you will be setting yourself up for the most success by completing them numerous times. The curated FightCamp workouts spread throughout the path will also help build muscle memory.

Getting Started

The 22-day workout plan listed below should take you between 8-14 weeks to complete depending on how often you commit to working out. We suggest that you aim for 2-3 FightCamp workouts per week. Research shows that it is easier to build a new habit into your lifestyle when you repeat it at the same time every day so try to find a day and time that you can commit to.

Alright, now we are ready to take on the world and transform ourselves for the better. We’re in this fight together and remember, I am here to guide you throughout! Consider me your personal concierge through the beginnings of your #FightCampJourney. If you have any questions for me about this path or would like some critique on your boxing form, please feel free to reach out to me personally on the FightCamp Facebook Community or through private Instagram DM if you prefer (you can find me at @tommyduquette). The journey from where you are to where you want to be starts with your first punch!

 Day 1

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – The Stance
  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – The Jab & Cross 
  • Complete: Boxing Base – Jab & Cross Workout

Day 2

  • Watch and Practice Again: Boxing Skills – The Stance 
  • Watch and Practice Again: Boxing Skills – The Jab & Cross 
  • Complete Again: Boxing Base – Jab & Cross Workout

Day 3

  • Complete: Sprawl & Brawl Sprint

Day 4

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – The Hooks
  • Complete: Boxing Base – Hooks Workout

Day 5

  • Watch and Practice Again: Boxing Skills – The Hooks
  • Complete Again: Boxing Base – Hooks Workout

 Day 6

  • Complete: Hook Explosion Workout with Coach P.J. | 4 Rounds

Day 7

  • Complete: Core Strength Workout with Tommy Duquette | 4 Rounds

Day 8

  • Complete: Steady Flo Workout with Flomaster | 4 Rounds

Day 9

  • Complete: Jack-Of-All Workout with Tommy Duquette | 4 Rounds

Day 10

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – The Uppercuts
  • Complete: Boxing Base – Uppercuts Workout | 4 Rounds

Day 11

  • Watch and Practice Again: Boxing Skills – The Uppercuts
  • Complete Again: Boxing Base – Uppercuts Workout | 4 Rounds

Day 12

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – Body Punching 
  • Complete: Lower Body Workout with Andre Huseman | 4 Rounds

Day 13

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – Putting Basic Combos Together (coming soon
  • Punches in Bunches Workout with Aaron Swenson | 8 Rounds

Day 14

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – Slips 
  • Complete: Boxing Base – Slips x Combos Workout | 6 Rounds 

Day 15

  • Watch and Practice Again: Boxing Skills – Slips 
  • Complete Again: Boxing Base – Slips x Combos Workout | 6 Rounds 

 Day 16

  • Complete: Hitman’s Burnout Workout | 8 Rounds

Day 17

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – Rolls
  • Complete: Boxing Base – Rolls x Combos Workout 

Day 18

  • Watch and Practice Again: Boxing Skills – Rolls 
  • Complete Again: Boxing Base – Rolls x Combos Workout 

Day 19

  • Complete: Glutes & Core Workout with Aaron Swenson | 8 Rounds

Day 20

  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills – Stepping
  • Watch and Practice: Boxing Skills: Avoiding Common Beginner Mistakes (coming soon)
  • Complete: Boxing Base – Integrated Skills Workout 

Day 21

  • Complete: Freestyle Burst Workout with Tommy Duquette | 10 Rounds

Day 22

  • Complete: Sprawl & Brawl Sprint

About the Author:

Tommy Duquette

Tommy Duquette is a former US National Boxing Team member and a co-founder of FightCamp and Hykso Inc. His boxing experience stretches back over 15 years. He competed in 136 bouts as an amateur, won over 100 and just missed making the 2012 US Olympic Team. He spent over 15 years leading boxing-fitness classes at Boston Boxing and catered to an elite clientele of private clients in the Boston area. He is a graduate of Babson College where he studied Entrepreneurship and Economics and finished in the top 10% of his graduating class.