How a Punching Bag Transformed My Body, Mind, & Lifestyle

Mollie McGurk - How a Punching Bag Transformed My Life

Having a punching bag at home can elevate your boxing training, mood, and lifestyle, making it easier to integrate healthy habits into your everyday schedule.

Published: March 22, 2022

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Author: Mollie McGurk

A punching bag at home not only enhances your boxing training, but it can also impact your life. I know, because I started using FightCamp two months ago, and it has changed my entire perception of boxing and my at-home fitness options. The accessibility factor alone helped me seamlessly integrate training into my schedule, reaping the full rewards of a fighter’s approach to living well.

Fitness trends come and go, but boxing endures. Dedicated boxers and kickboxers incorporate health-conscious decisions in all aspects of their lives, exuding resilience, strength, and self-awareness. Boxing training brings out the fighter within, helping you become the best version of yourself in all that you do.

Though I’m not prepping to step into the ring, I strive to nurture my physical and mental health every day. Joining an online boxing program and having my own punching bag made it easy to pursue that goal. It even surprised me with a few unexpected perks.

9 Ways Having a Punching Bag At Home Transformed My Boxing Training

Mollie McGurk - How a Punching Bag Transformed My Life

1. Gave Me a Better Workout

There is no doubt that shadowboxing is an essential aspect of boxing training, but having my own punching bag has taken my workouts to another level. Using a heavy bag makes even my quick sessions sweaty and more effective by increasing the intensity.

Boxing and kickboxing workouts on a bag provide the perfect combination of cardio with strength training to tone and condition my entire body. Adding the resistance of a heavy bag has helped me build muscle. It has even trained my balance and coordination, leading to a stronger fighting stance and more power with every one of my strikes.

I can feel the difference after just one workout, and I could see the difference in my muscle tone even after a few weeks.

2. Enhanced My Technique

Hitting a heavy bag showed me where I needed improvement, which ultimately enhanced my boxing technique. Though shadowboxing taught me how each move should look and feel, adding the punching bag fine-tuned those skills.

Aiming each punch or kick at a target point on the bag helps improve my accuracy. Even better, I get instant feedback on where I make contact with the bag. I can feel when my arm is not fully extended, or when a kick is not landing on the correct part of my leg, giving me a chance to correct it.

3. Personalized My Training

There is so much more I am able to do now that I have the right equipment. Having a heavy bag has added variety to my workouts, and even opened up a new, fun realm of creative customization for truly unique bag drills.

Most importantly, it allows me to personalize my boxing training. This means I can plan my own roadwork, shadowboxing, weight training, and bag drills however I like. I would often opt out of my scheduled boxing class times if I just went on a challenging hike to avoid burnout. With my own bag, I can choose when I want to up the intensity with a full-body bag workout, and when I want to scale back my cardio with bodyweight exercises or some relaxing yoga.

With scheduled classes, I was at the mercy of whatever the instructor had planned that day. In group settings, trainers can’t meet everyone’s needs at their individual fitness level. Having my own punching bag has given me the flexibility that I was lacking with structured in-person boxing classes, giving me control over my whole fitness regimen.

4. Helped Me Commit

My own at-home punching bag also helps me commit and stick with my fitness goals because I can exercise around my schedule. When I have to pack a gym bag and commute to my workouts, I find it’s much easier to get derailed because of time limitations – or excuses. Even on a busy day, I've found that I can almost always spare at least 15 minutes to squeeze in a good workout. The free-standing punching bag in my home is a constant reminder to prioritize my health, take time to de-stress, and have more fun every day.

5. Improved My Diet

Being able to work out on my own time does wonders for my eating habits. I can prep and plan my meals around my workout schedule, maximizing my body’s ability to use that fuel effectively.

When I was rushing from work to a boxing class, I could never schedule my pre-workout snacks for maximum efficiency. The result was a less than stellar workout that left me feeling drained rather than energized. Now I can plan everything out in advance, which includes making fresh smoothies packed with protein – a delicious, nourishing treat I could only rarely enjoy until I started hitting the bag at home.

Those small healthy choices start to accumulate. Establishing a better meal routine around my workouts is shifting my everyday eating habits towards a healthy boxer’s diet. Before I knew it, my fridge was filled with goodies that pack a nutritious punch and help me fight stronger.

6. Freed Up My Time

Since I can train around my own schedule and pre-prep my meals, having a punching bag has freed up a lot of my time.

Just a half hour gym session would easily end up costing me over an hour. With a punching bag at home and unlimited access to training online, I have eliminated the time wasted packing and unpacking my bag, packaging snacks, and of course, the commute. My favorite part is being able to hop in my own shower right after my workout rather than making time for an extra shower in the middle of the day.

7. Lifted My Mood

Exercise is proven to benefit mental health. One of the many reasons I got hooked on boxing is seeing how it helped me bring the fight to depression and anxiety.

"Having a punching bag at the ready whenever I need it is like having a therapist on speed dial."

- Mollie McGurk

Whether I’m struggling to get motivated in the morning or ruminating after a stressful day, I can blast away my frustration on the bag for an instant mood boost. Boxing clears my mind in ways that other forms of exercise could never quite match.

Since I love to work out first thing in the morning, having my own punching bag helps me tackle whatever might come at me for that day. Even if I might be taking hits at the office, knowing I crushed those 8 rounds before breakfast gives me a personal sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that no outside negativity can touch.

8. Saved Me Money

Gym memberships and boxing class fees can get expensive. A high-quality punching bag is an investment, but it’s a smart one. I realized I could buy a lifetime of workouts for the cost of fewer than 2 years with a gym.

Monthly access to the FightCamp App is equivalent to what many local boxing gyms charge per class. With the app, I have unlimited access to an entire team of professional trainers guiding me through a wide array of boxing, kickboxing, and conditioning workouts – available 24/7.

Not making it to the gym or missing scheduled classes just piles guilt on top of wasted money. Setting up my own at-home boxing gym is an investment in myself that I am not likely to ever regret.

9. Brought My Family Together

We all want our loved ones to take better care of their health. Exercising more can be a tough sell to families with busy schedules and different routines.

Just having a punching bag in the house got immediate interest. Showing my family firsthand how cool it is to annihilate that heavy bag motivated everyone to get gloved up within a week – and gave us all something fun to banter competitively about!

What Can a Punching Bag Do For You?

Mollie McGurk - How a Punching Bag Transformed My Life

Boxing has been a cornerstone of my fitness routine for years but having a punching bag at home made training part of my lifestyle. There is so much more to boxing than beating up the bag, and the best way to discover the full range of benefits is to try it yourself on your own schedule. I couldn't be happier to be a part of the FightCamp Community now, and I am confident you'll feel the same.

Are you ready to train like a fighter? Get access to hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, and stretching workouts that will push you mentally and physically. Download the FREE FightCamp App and train with real fighters from the comfort of your own home.

Mollie McGurk

Mollie McGurk is a writer and has trained in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and HIIT for over 10 years. She has also studied personal training through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) program.

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