FightCamp App Update: Upgraded Activity Screen

FightCamp App Update: Upgraded Activity Screen

Track your workout stats and see your current FightCamp streak on the upgraded Activity Screen now available in the FightCamp app.

Published: March 3, 2020

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Author: FightCamp Team

All good things take time and consistency. We want to make your consistency rewardable and give you a bigger sense of achievement besides a sweat ring on your t-shirt or a sweaty-selfie after a FightCamp workout. Welcome to a new way of tracking your workouts with the all-new FightCamp Activity Screen.

The upgraded Activity screen includes:

"This Week" and Monthly Calendar Views

An all-new feature from FightCamp, displaying the current week and month to highlight what you’ve accomplished so far! These new views will give you a sense of pride for what you’ve done thus far and will continue to motivate you to push through when the going gets tough (or your muscles are blasted after an intense workout the day before).

If you’re looking for a challenge, see how many days each month you can complete a FightCamp workout with the calendar view! As you go through the weeks, you’ll see the month fill up and feel more excited about posting the screenshot to your social media pages for a #FightCampProgress post!

FightCamp App Calendar View

Activity Feed

Have you ever completed a FightCamp workout that left you sore for days, only to forget what the title was? Now, this convenient list makes it easier to drill into past activity and retake your favorite workouts. You will also easily identify your highest output of the month so you know what number to fight towards beating.

FightCamp App Activity Feed

Progression Screen

Our brand new Progression screen will show you tons of stats worth sharing! This screen gives you a month-to-month comparison view of your workouts done, rounds completed, average output per round, and your highest output so you can see how you're improving along your FightCamp journey.

FightCamp App Progression Screen
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