FightCamp Releases NEW Stacked Workouts Feature

FightCamp Releases NEW Stacked Workouts Feature

FightCamp’s NEW workout stacking feature has launched! Members can select a boxing or kickboxing workout AND add a core workout to play seamlessly back-to-back.

Published: July 19, 2021

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Author: Tommy Duquette

Any FightCamp Trainer will be the first to tell you abs aren’t just for show, core strength is one of the most important aspects of boxing and kickboxing conditioning.

Since we launched the 12 core workouts in the app, FightCamp members completed the workouts over 115,000 times. The new stacking feature is our response to countless members’ requests for an easier and more streamlined way to do a core workout directly after their boxing or kickboxing workout.

What Is Workout Stacking In The FightCamp App?

Feature Highlights

Workout Controls - Our new "Workout Control" screen will allow you to connect your trackers, choose your music, and select your Versus Mode. You will also have the ability to "Add a Core Workout" via the new Workout Stacking feature.

Stack Your Workout - Also known as “Workout Stacking,” this feature allows you to choose which boxing or kickboxing workout AND which core workout you’d like to end with before you start the workout.

How to Start Workout Stacking In the FightCamp App

FightCamp App Stacked Workouts
  1. Go into the FightCamp app and select the workout that you'd like to do.

  2. Tap the red "Next" button to open up your new Workout Control Screen.

  3. Select "Add a Core Workout" to scroll and choose a core workout.

  4. Trackback to the Workout Control Screen and begin your FightCamp workout.

  5. Once your workout ends, the selected ab workout will begin right away. Please note, you are only able to stack one core workout at this time.

》You now have the ability to skip the cooldown, however, we always recommend cooling down then hitting abs.

Check out our latest episode of Tale of the Tape in the featured section of the FightCamp app for more details on Core Workout Stacking.

How Can Workout Stacking Help You Reach Your Goals??

Why would we want to tag on those abs at the end of an already killer boxing or kickboxing workout? Strength and conditioning exercises are another essential tool boxer’s use to train. The core muscles are a vital part of our daily activities. Whether you are training to be a boxer, or your goal is to live an overall healthier life, your abs are at the core of your well being. Having a strong core will not only give you the desired look of a six-pack, but it will also help prevent back pain and maintain good posture. Workouts like boxing and kickboxing naturally work the core, and all fighters always end a training session with abs.

When you use the workout stacking feature in the FightCamp app, your core workout plays automatically after your boxing or kickboxing workout, setting you up for success from the start!

How Often Should I Stack My Workouts?

Everyone is different. The number of core workouts per week will depend on each athlete's physical health and training goals. If you are looking to truly strengthen your center, it is important to train the core multiple times per week. Some people may find 2x/week to be a great supplement to their training, whereas others may want to stack their workouts every time they train.

Will Stacking My Workouts Give Me a 6-Pack?

Well, that all depends. What people are seeing when they look at someone with six-pack abs is a person with low body fat and strong core muscles. In order to see a six-pack, you need to lower your body fat. You can do this with a proper nutrition plan and exercise routine. You get strong in the gym, but your abs get lean in the kitchen.

Head to Top 6 FAQs: How To Get Six Pack Abs to learn more.

Although we can’t promise a 6-pack, we can tell you that by strengthening your core with an added core workout at the end of your training, you will improve not only your boxing or kickboxing level, but also your overall level of fitness.

So What's Next For the Stacking Feature?

Here at FightCamp we are working hard to not only improve the quality of our current training programs, but to take the training to the next level. Our commitment to our community is to bring the best of the best technology, training and education to FightCamp. New things are always in the works.
Now let's strap on those gloves, get focused, and remember #endwithabs!

Ready to start training like a fighter? Get access to hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, and stretching workouts that will push you mentally and physically. Download the FREE FightCamp App and train with real fighters from the comfort of your own home.

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Tommy Duquette

Tommy Duquette is a Co-Founder and Head of Content at FightCamp. He is a former US Boxing Team member with 136 fights under his belt & qualified #2 seed for the 2012 Olympic trials. Tommy is USA Boxing Coach certified.

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