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FightCamp App - Community Challenges

It takes a village! Rise each other up to reach your full fitness potential with our latest Community Challenge feature, exclusively on the app.

Published: January 18, 2023

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Author: FightCamp Team

What’s New on the FightCamp App

FightCamp App Feature - Community Challenges

Happy New Year FightCamp Family! Last month we brought you the new Challenges feature on the FightCamp App with Solo Challenges. This month, to kick off the new year, we are bringing you Community Challenges. That’s right, starting January 19th, 2023, you and other FightCamp members can work together in the first Community Challenge. 

How do Community Challenges Work

  • Each Community Challenge will have a timeframe for you to gain points through your activity in the FightCamp workouts on the app.

  • See Community Challenge rules and progress under the Challenges tab on the app.

    FightCamp App - Community Challenges
  • Community Challenge points will be pooled together into a community score which will determine the badge that the whole FightCamp community will receive.

    FightCamp App - Community Challenges
  • Keep track of your Community progress in the Progress Report to see how close you and the FightCamp community are to earning a Community Challenge badge. 

  • At the end of completing a challenge, if you and the FightCamp Community earned enough points based on your activity in your workouts, you can qualify for one of the following badge levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

FightCamp App - Community Challenges

When Will the First Community Challenge Start

Winter Community Challenge

FightCamp App - Community Challenges

Winter Community Challenge Start & End Dates:

  • Start Date: January 19, 2023  8:00am PST

  • End Date: March 1, 2023 11:59pm PST

  • Duration: 6 weeks

Winter Community Challenge Rules:

  • Earn 30 points per 1 Round in a FightCamp workout on the app

  • Earn 100 points per 1 Workout on the FightCamp app

Winter Community Challenge Badges & Point Thresholds:

  • Bronze - 18.0M Challenge Points

  • Silver - 23.5M Challenge Points

  • Gold - 29.0M Challenge Points

  • Platinum - 36.0M Challenge Points

*Be sure to download the latest iOS version of FightCamp (5.3) to get the new Community Challenges feature.

Can You do Solo Challenges & Community Challenges at the Same Time

Yes, you can. The workouts you do during the time frame will qualify for points on the January Solo Challenge as well as the Community Challenge but tallied differently based on the challenge point rules.

Train Like a Community of Fighters

Come together for 2023 and reach your fitness goals together! Will you accept the challenge?

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FightCamp Team

The FightCamp Team is in your corner, curating the latest in at-home boxing, kickboxing, and fitness training. With up-to-date and expert-level information from workouts, boxing tips and technique, wellness and nutrition, and fight news, our goal is to help you find the fighter within!

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