5 Basic Boxing Techniques to Learn at Home (No Gym Needed)

5 Basic Boxing Techniques to Learn at Home

Want to learn basic BOXING techniques AT HOME? We'll teach you boxing basics & top boxing skills for beginners, like boxing stance and basic boxing punches.

Published: April 13, 2021

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Author: Tommy Duquette

There are many reasons we can come up with as to why we can't go to the gym, with time being the number 1 reason. However, don't let not being able to go to the gym stop you from getting a workout in.

The beauty of boxing is that it can be performed nearly anywhere as long as you have some basic equipment such as gloves and a bag. Boxing can be challenging to master, but anyone can begin the basics with a few simple tools.

What are the basic boxing techniques I can learn at home to get in shape?

Beginners can learn the fundamentals of boxing by practicing basic punches, combos and drills. If you’re looking to start your boxing journey—we’ll show you how to begin learning the skills you need right now.

What are the Basic Skills of Boxing?

The basic skills of boxing include the boxer’s stance, the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut punches.

Successful boxers are able to employ a combination of skilled footwork and punches together in close synchronization. Mastering these basic techniques can help any workout enthusiast successfully learning the art of boxing.

What is the correct boxing stance?

To start practicing the proper boxer’s stance:

  1. Lead with the shoulder opposite of your punching hand (Right-handed boxers should position their left shoulder toward the target and vice-versa)

  2. Feet should be positioned shoulder-width apart

  3. Position feet at a 45-degree angle towards your intended target

  4. Keep your knees and hips bent slightly

  5. Place elbows close to your sides and use your forearms to shield the chest

  6. Keep the glove at shoulder height

  7. Position the right glove underneath the chin with the wrist turned inwards

Footwork and stance is a key element to building and developing successful boxing skills. Watch this tutorial below explaining a proper boxing stance. (link to video).

What are the basic boxing punches?

There are four main punches that build the foundation of boxing—they include the following:

The Jab:

A quick punch that is used by the forward moving arm. Right-handed boxers use the left arm to jab and vice versa.

Coach PJ Showing How To Throw a Jab

The Cross:

A straight punch thrown with your rear arm. Right-handed boxers use their right arm and vice versa.

Coach PJ Showing How To Throw a Cross Punch

The Hook:

A short side punch thrown at a 90-degree angle. These types of punches can be thrown with either arm.

Tommy Duquette Throwing a Lead Hook Punch

The Uppercut:

A short upward punch thrown to the body with either arm.

Aaron Swenson Showing How To Throw an Uppercut Punch

Boxing techniques for beginners can be learned from any location without having a gym. Learn the best boxing techniques at home until you develop more advanced boxing technique combos.

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