Five (5) Best Kicks In Kickboxing

Five (5) Best Kicks In Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a fun way to ramp up the intensity of your boxing workout. Here we’ll learn five (5) effective kicks to add to your kickboxing training.

Published: April 1, 2021

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Author: Aaron Swenson

Kickboxing is an excellent workout and a great addition to your boxing training. You get all the benefits of a full-body boxing workout – with some added kick.
It’s easy to get started with kickboxing training. The basic kick techniques form the foundation of all kickboxing moves. Here, we’ll take this a step further and look at the five (5) most effective kicks used in kickboxing.

How Many Kicks Are There In Kickboxing?

The number of kicks in kickboxing is debatable. Some say there are as many as 13, but the general consensus is that most of these are simply variations on the three (3) core types of kicks: roundhouse kicks, front kicks, and side kicks.

What Are The 3 Different Types Of Kicks Used In Kickboxing?

As listed above, the three (3) types of kicks in kickboxing are roundhouse kicks, front kicks, and side kicks. Here’s how to perform each:

Roundhouse Kick

  • Step across your target on a 45 degree angle

  • Chamber your kick through the center

  • Raise up on the ball of your base foot as you pivot and kick

  • Extend the kicking leg, landing with your shin and instep

  • Swing your arm to counterbalance

Front Kick (Turning Kick)

  • Chamber through the center

  • Snap the kick, landing with the ball or your foot

  • Lean back slightly and swing arm to counterbalance

Side Kick

  • Step into side stance

  • Chamber your knee to your chest on the kicking leg

  • Extend your kick and land with your heel and the blade of your foot

What Are The Best Kicks In Kickboxing?

The best kicks in kickboxing are also up to some debate. During training you might find you enjoy one kick more than another, or that you are able to generate more power with a specific kick. While it really comes down to skill level and personal preference, here FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson breaks down the five (5) deadliest kicks in kickboxing that are proven to be effective in a fight:

5 Most Deadly Kicks In Kickboxing

1. Question Mark Kick

Aaron Swenson Doing a Question Mark Kick

The question mark kick is about strategy. Like in chess, you are trying to make the opponent let their guard down with one move in order to open them up to your knockout kick.

  • Fake them out with a front kick to get them to drop their hand

  • Quickly follow-up with a rear kick to the neck to take them down

2. Spinning Back Kick

Aaron Swenson Doing Spinning Back Kick

The key to doing a spinning kick is to use your arms for momentum. As you spin, drop down slightly and keep your knees tight.

  • Cross your rear leg over your lead leg to turn

  • Look over your shoulder to aim

  • Hit your opponent in the neck with your heel

3. Low Kick

Aaron Swenson Doing a Low Kick

For a low kick, you are essentially trying to “chop down” your opponent. The goal is to land the kick with your tibia – the higher up on your shin, the more damaging the kick will be. Since this is a close range kick, keep your hands up higher to counter your opponent’s punches.

  • Flex your quad muscles and put all of the weight on your lead leg

  • Bring your rear leg forward

  • Land the kick right above your opponent’s knee

4. Spinning Hook Kick

Aaron Swenson Doing a Spinning Hook Kick

The spinning hook kick is another spinning kick, so again you want to use your arms for momentum. Here you’ll be aiming to land the kick to your opponent’s head.

  • Step forward with your rear leg

  • Use your arms to spin, bringing your lead leg around

  • Lift your lead leg into a side kick with your knee slightly bent

  • Hook it to land a blow to your opponent’s head

5. Lead Body Kick

Aaron Swenson Doing Lead Body Kick

If your opponent is holding their arms high, they are open for a lead body kick. Try to catch them on an exhale for maximum efficiency. This kick is aimed at the liver.

  • Wait for your opponent to exhale

  • Aim your lead leg right below the ribcage

  • Make contact with the instep of your foot

Does Boxing Have Kicking?

No, boxing does not have kicking – that is why there is the separate sport of kickboxing. Boxing training focuses solely on punching, whereas kickboxing incorporates both punching and kicking. Some of the best kickboxing moves will feature a combination of punches and kicks in sequence.

Is Kicking Allowed In Boxing?

Kicking is NOT allowed in competitive boxing. If you are just enjoying boxing training and want to start adding some kicks to your drills, try a kickboxing workout.

Is Kicking Better Than Punching?

When it comes to kicking and punching, neither one is necessarily “better” than the other. They are very different moves. By learning both punching techniques and kickboxing techniques, you will have more tools in your arsenal. Combining punches and kicks can be very effective in taking down an opponent.

With the five (5) most deadly kicks in kickboxing, you can intensify your workout. It’s a good idea for beginners to get familiar with the three (3) basic kicks before attempting these more advanced moves. If you’re ready for more, try a full 7-day kickboxing technique workout to really kick it up!

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