Get Knockout Ready For Your Wedding With Boxing

Get Knockout Ready For Your Wedding With a Boxing Workout

Say “Yes” to the boxing gloves! Get your body ready for your walk down the aisle and combat wedding-planning stress with a full-body boxing workout.

Published: May 9, 2022

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Author: Emma Comery

Boxing is a one-of-a-kind full-body workout that will help you build a stronger body, mind, and soul. This kind of high-intensity workout is perfect for brides and grooms-to-be, not only because its unparalleled cardiovascular benefits will make you look great for your big day, but because wedding preparations can take a surprising toll on a person.

Between the dress fittings, event planning, and a bevy of emotions leading up to one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever make, it’s important to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp.

Wedding Planning

Here, we’re breaking down four (4) ways boxing workouts will make all the difference for your mind and body leading up to your wedding day.

4 Tips To Get Knockout Ready For Your Wedding

1. Get That Picture-Perfect Tone

Dreaming of that knockout bod for your wedding day? Boxing is a highly efficient cardio and strength workout that will get you in the best shape of your life. Between the repetitive striking and the lightning-fast footwork you’ll develop, your arms and calves will be popping. Getting your body ready for your wedding is as easy as doing 3-4 boxing workouts at home each week leading up to your walk down the aisle.

Boxing utilizes a lot of forward motion, so you can tack on a quick bodyweight workout to strengthen and tone your back muscles for that strapless gown. And don’t forget to always #endwithabs!

2. Work Out With Your Bride Tribe

You’ve heard of bachelorette party pole-dancing classes, but have you considered a boxing class with your best gal pals? Organize a weekly boxing workout with your gang! Boxing with friends is always ten times the fun, helps keep you accountable to your goals, and is a great way to bond with your bridal party. Plus, boxing is just as sexy and empowering as dancing!

(Find out why boxing is a go-to workout for professional models.)

Bridal Party Boxing Workout

3. Grow Your Relationship

The cold hard irony of planning a wedding is that the admin time that goes into it usually robs you of the couples time you treasure with your loved one. Boxing can be a creative way to spend time together, challenge one another, and enjoy the rush of learning a new skill together! You can get a great sweat session in as little as 15 minutes, so even if you’re strapped for time, you can continue making your relationship a priority – and get in a sweaty workout!

4. Preserve Your Sanity

What if every “bridezilla” was really just a girl trying to shoulder too much pressure who needed a few rounds on the heavy bag? When you’re trying to please all the parents and all the distant aunts, plus pick the venue, the menu, and the playlist, hitting something can do your heart and mind a world of good. Take it out on the punching bag! Boxing floods the brain with stress-relieving chemicals that will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on whatever wedding planning throws your way.

Rock That Aisle

Bride walking down the aisle

A dream wedding isn’t just about looking your best. It’s about feeling healthy, strong, and ready to start a new chapter of your life. Take it from this old married lady — there’s nothing like crushing a 5-round boxing workout to make you feel like you can tackle the world, let alone wedding planning.

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Emma Comery

Emma Comery is a freelance writer, working toward her MFA in Nonfiction at Old Dominion University. She fell in love with Thai Boxing during the pandemic, and regularly trains at her local UFC gym.

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