How To Do Glute Floor Bridges | Proper Technique

How To Do Glute Floor Bridges | Proper Technique

Strong glutes are crucial to an athlete’s success – for power, quickness, and mobility. Add glute floor bridges to build them up and feel the burn!

Published: November 16, 2022

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Author: PJ Shirdan

One of the tell-tale signs of a seasoned athlete is to look at their posterior chain. The posterior chain, or the musculature on the back half of the body, is often an area that far too many neglect. Athletes who excel at their sport know this and make sure to work harder on the backside. One of the best muscles to elevate your athleticism and strengthen your posterior chain is the glutes.

Strong glutes help an athlete improve their power, quickness, and strength. While most lower body exercises favor the quads and hamstrings, there is one particular movement that does a great job at isolating the glutes: the glute floor bridge. Here we break it down for you.

Glute Floor Bridges

  • Begin lying on the ground on your back, with your arms out at 90 degrees, and your feet flat on the ground with your knees bent at 90 degrees

    • Focus on squeezing your glutes and keeping them engaged throughout the entire movement

    • This is your starting position

  • Begin the movement by driving your heels into the ground

  • Slowly lift your rear off the ground upwards until your body is in a straight line

  • Pause for two seconds

  • Slowly lower your rear back to the ground, vertebrae by vertebrae

  • Continue this motion for the remainder of the set

Movement Key Points

Here are some key things to focus on while performing Glute Floor Bridges:

Start off with a flat back

  • Your hand should not be able to slide underneath your lower back

Back Flat On Ground

Keep your palms flat on the floor

  • This provides stability for the exercise

Palms Flat On Floor

Feet should be shoulder-width apart

  • Drive through your heels while lifting

Feet Shoulder Width Apart

Lift your hips towards the ceiling

Lift Hips Toward Ceiling

Make sure to keep your feet flat on the floor at the top of the hip lift movement

Feet Flat On Floor

Squeeze your glutes throughout the entire exercise

Squeeze Your Glutes

Keep your core tight at the top of the movement

Hold Core Tight At The Top

Drive through your heels to lift upward

Drive Through Heel Of Feet

Breathing Pattern

  • Breath out while raising your hips

  • Breath in while slowly lowering your hips

Muscles Used

  • Glutes

  • Core

  • Hamstrings


For Sets

  • Perform 3 - 6 sets

  • 12 - 20 repetitions

  • Rest for 30 - 45 seconds between sets

For Time

  • Perform 3 - 6 sets

  • Perform for 30 - 90 seconds

  • Rest for 45 - 60 seconds between sets

Glute Gains

Boxing is a very explosive sport. One way to ensure that you can be explosive inside and outside of the ring is to make sure that you have strong glutes. Weight training isn’t always going to be an option, so glute floor bridges are a great bodyweight exercise that you can perform to make sure your posterior chain is strong and ready to fight.

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PJ Shirdan

PJ Shirdan is a FightCamp Founding Coach from the Philadelphia area. He found boxing as a way to heal and rebuild his life as he became a competitive fighter. PJ is a NASM, TRX, and USA Boxing Coach certified.

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