How To Do The Perfect Kickboxing Stance

How To Do The Perfect Kickboxing Stance

Ready to start kickboxing? FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson walks you through the perfect kickboxing stance and how to properly throw low kicks from your stance.

Published: May 6, 2022

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Author: Aaron Swenson

Learning the nuances of a sport will not only make you a better athlete but a better practitioner in any discipline. One of the first steps of learning a new combat sport is figuring out the proper stance. A proper fighting stance will be slightly different depending upon the sport, and knowing those differences is what separates the good fighters from the great ones. Here, FightCamp Trainer Aaron Swenson breaks down the basics of the perfect kickboxing stance, as well as how to throw a low kick from your stance.

Finding The Perfect Kickboxing Stance

Key Tip: Put a foot-long piece of tape on the ground as a guide–your right foot should be on one side and your left foot on the other. This will help you form check while learning the stance basics.

The Set-Up

  • Start off in a neutral stance

    • If you are right handed, put your left foot forward (orthodox stance)

    • If you are left handed, put your right foot forward (southpaw stance)

Kickboxing Orthodox Stance

Orthodox Stance

Note: All of these steps work just the opposite in a southpaw stance

  • Feet should be shoulder-width apart and staggered

    • Staggered: left heel is inline with your right toe

    • Check to make sure feet are on both sides of the tape

  • Front foot faces straight ahead

  • Rear foot is pigeon-toed inwards

    • Keep your weight on the ball of your foot

  • Arms are up in guard with your elbows tucked in

    • Arms should be perpendicular to the floor

    • Rear hand is right in front of you face

    • Lead hand is up slightly further out in front of face

  • Chin should be tucked slightly downward with eyes on target

Key Tip: Your hands are your first line of defense–you should be looking through your hands in the guard

When Facing a Target: Heavy Bag or Opponent

  • Stand about arms-length away

  • Target should be centered with the midline of your body

  • Feet staggered

Rear Leg Low Kick

Kickboxing - Stepping on a 45 degree angle

Using the steps above, assume the proper stance and distance.

  • Start by shifting your weight from your rear leg to your lead leg by taking a small 1-inch step with your lead leg at a 45-degree angle across your opponent

    • This will maximize your power and open up your hips

  • Perform a rear leg kick by raising your rear knee towards you opponent, through the center (chambering leg)

  • As you complete the motion upwards, extend your rear leg fully, making low contact with your shin and in-step

    • It is important to point your toe (plantar flexion) making contact with the top of the foot/shin

  • While kicking, swing your right arm backwards towards your bottom side to act as a counter balance, and bring your lead arm up to protect your face

  • Once you land the kick, return to your proper stance

Kickboxing Rear Leg Low Kick

Lead Leg Low Kick

  • Start by performing a larger 6-inch step across your target at a 45-degree angle towards your rear side to maximize power

    • This will open up your hips

    • Your weight will now be on your rear foot (think of “falling” off the center line towards your lead leg)

  • As you transfer your weight, chamber your knee towards your target while finishing off the kick in full extension, making contact with the bag with your shin or in-step

  • Your lead hand acts as counterbalance and swings backwards towards your back side

    • Your rear hand remains up in guard to protect your face

    • Once you land the kick, return immediately back to your proper stance

Practice 25 x’s

Now that you have mastered the proper kickboxing stance and low kick technique, begin by performing 25 kicks on each side.

Focus Points

Kicking with your shin
  • Stepping and opening your hips

  • It should feel as if you are “falling” out of the center line while taking each step

    • Weight transfer should land on each foot that takes the step

  • Make sure you kick with your shin and in-step

    • Do not kick with your toe as this will break bones!

A Kicking Good Time

Lead kicks and rear kicks are two of the main strikes in kickboxing. It takes time to master the proper technique and rhythm so you can execute each kick safely. Using Aaron’s tips will help you learn the kickboxing basics and maximize your kicking power.

Now that you know how to do the perfect kickboxing stance, are you ready to train like a fighter? Get access to hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, and stretching workouts that will push you mentally and physically. Download the FREE FightCamp App and train with real fighters from the comfort of your own home.

Aaron Swenson

Aaron “Speedy” Swenson began in his family’s Chicago dojo. By 2013, Aaron had two National Kickboxing titles & a USA National Kickboxing Team spot. Aaron is a Founding Coach at FightCamp & USA Boxing Coach certified.

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