How To Train On a Heavy Bag: Boxing Tips

How To Train On a Heavy Bag

Heavy bag boxing training is an effective way to increase power and speed. Here’s how to build your striking strength and muscles using a HEAVY BAG.

Published: March 15, 2021

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One of the best ways to build up striking strength in boxing is to make use of a heavy bag in your training. Heavy bag training provides resistance for your strikes and can increase your power. To start, let’s look at the basics of what you’ll need for this type of workout.

What Do I Need For Heavy Bag Training?

Heavy bag training doesn’t require a lot of equipment. There are only four (4) important things that you need to start heavy boxing bag training:

1. A Heavy Bag

Unlike a free-standing boxing bag, a heavy bag is usually suspended from the ceiling and can weigh as much as 200 pounds in total. The material of a heavy bag is also usually thicker and absorbs strikes more.

2. Specialized Heavy Bag Gloves

Heavy bag gloves will protect your hands during any heavy bag workout.

3. Wrist Wraps

Choosing to invest in hand wraps such as quick wraps can provide an extra layer of protection for your knuckles, which is especially important considering a heavy bag is thicker and can potentially rough up your hands more.

4. Space To Move

Ideally, you have an area in your home or wherever you work out where a bag can be suspended from the ceiling. Alternatively, find a space that is about 6 feet by 6 feet where you can comfortably move in a circle around a bag. The FightCamp heavy workout mat is 8 feet by 4 feet and offers ample space to train as well.

How Do You Train On a Heavy Bag?

Training with a heavy bag is a little different than with a free-standing bag. Your strikes will be absorbed more, which will inevitably slow down your striking speed. Here are just a few tips to get the most out of your heavy bag training benefits:

1. Focus On Balance

When striking a heavy bag, you may find that your weight is thrown off as your strikes do not rebound off the bag. Focus on adjusting your stance and staying firm when striking the bag. Balance is key in boxing.

2. Snap Your Punches

It will be tempting to let your strikes sink into the bag and stay there. Aim to snap your punches back as soon as they make contact with the heavy bag so that you aren’t sacrificing speed for power.

3. Practice Power Strikes

Certain strikes, such as body shots and the cross, are meant to have power behind them, whereas strikes like the jab are meant to be quick. While you should still practice speed strikes, focus on improving the power of your heavy strikes.

Heavy bag training at home is an effective way to increase your striking power, as well as speed. Focus on moving constantly and keeping your guard up when hitting a heavy bag.

Is Heavy Bag Training Good Cardio?

As with a normal bag, striking a heavy bag is a great cardio workout. When you start to become more comfortable with the weight of the bag, start focusing on increasing your punching speed to increase the cardio benefits.

Are Heavy Bags a Good Workout?

Heavy bags are one of the best workouts for boxing training. Rather than focusing on speed, working out with a heavy bag helps a fighter to develop muscle strength in their arms, chest, and overall body. During a heavy bag workout, your core is also constantly engaged and the abdominal muscles will get stronger.

How Long Should You Workout On a Heavy Bag?

There’s no right or wrong answer to how long a workout should be on a heavy bag. Due to the increased weight of a heavy bag vs. a free-standing punching bag, heavy bag workouts may be quicker, lasting only 10-15 minutes, but a boxer can work out for as long as 30 minutes if they are professionally trained. For a simple beginner heavy bag workout, try this quick 3-round workout.

How Hard Should You Hit a Heavy Bag?

The benefits of a heavy bag come from its weight, not you striking the bag harder than normal. With that said, your strikes should have more power than when striking a standard bag. Aim to punch with around 70% of your total power and focus on snapping your strike back.

Heavy bag training is an effective way of building strength for any boxer. To see a full library of punching bag workouts, visit our YouTube channel or our workout playlist on the FightCamp website today.

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